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Uniqia (yu-ni-ki-ya) Nightlight

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Uniqia (yu-ni-ki-ya) provides a unique set of creative and high quality products for the gift, home decoration, and souvenir markets. We are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We design, manufacture, and distribute our own products that are both appealing and practical. Most of our products can be fully personalized into unique gifts using customer provided images and texts. Innovative design, high quality, reasonable cost, and responsive customer services are the corner stones of our company value.


Uniqia Night Lights have hundreds of selections. We can also fully customize the Uniqia nightlights using customers’ images, designs, and texts. They are slim, energy-saving, and long lasting. They also have changeable image plates for different occasions.

USB hub

Our one of a kind USB hub can make your USB access very easy, whether it is for charging up your cell phone or just plug-in a mouse or external hard-drive for additional ports .

We have a unique process to convert your regular photos/images into 3D models and present them suspended inside crystals or glasses. Unlike regular printed photo, the 3D image inside the crystal will never fade its color and can last forever.

Posted by Tim Turner

First let it be known that I am pretty hard to impress. The latest phones, tablets and laptops are simply a continued progression in what are usually unneeded capabilities.

However, when I first saw the Nightlight from Uniqia I was immediately impressed. My company does consulting engineering in numerous areas including the graphic arts. The image quality rendered in the center of the 1/4 thick high quality glass is astounding. They ensure the finishing touches such as a polished bevel edge around the glass on all edges. I purchased two while seeing them for the first time on vacation. They were stock images of the vacation area. I looked into the company after returning home and found that they also provide a custom image feature for the customer where you simply provide your image online when you place the order. Note, all of the above are at what I think are very reasonable prices, particularly when you see how well the light holder is made and the image quality in the glass. By the way, the custom image I had done was a gift to my elderly parents of a departed dog that had been their joy. They were speechless when they received the item. The rendering of the picture in the glass you had to see to appreciate. Take 30 seconds and look at their web page. It will say more than anything I can add, and just to be clear, I didn’t receive any incentives for this review like occurs on Amazon. I’m just a very pleased customer!

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Decorative night light, Personalized night light and Decorative night lights


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  • Posted On September 16, 2016
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