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Universal Remotes – Life Simplified

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What are Universal Remotes?

Universal Remotes or abbreviated as URC is a relied name for setting high benchmarks in the field of controlled technology in the course of continuous research and development. The remotes are programmed to manage a multiplicity of consumer electronic gadgets. It certainly provides simple solutions that cover from subscription broadcast to total home in addition to business automaton.  Besides this, it is ranked over and over again as the leading brand in diverse control market.

In order to cater to the diverse requirements of the consumers, these remotes are available in different varieties. For instance, the low-end universal remotes are excellent to manage some particular devices as indomitable by their manufacturer. On the other hand, the mid as well as high-end universal remotes can be modified in new codes for operating a multitude of devices. These remotes can work beyond the usual capabilities, such as a control that is intended for VCR can work with several brands of televisions amidst others.

In the year 1985, the first ever universal remote was introduced that was followed by its quick patent. Subsequent to this, the first ever programmed remotes were launched in the year 1987 that aimed to simplify the operation of domestic and commercial devices in a snap of a button.

How does it work?

The remotes are an extremely simple device similar to other remotes that make use of the used light for sending instructions to the intended receiver that are inherent into an electronic device. These instructions are usually sent by means of signal modulations that are decoded by the device as a set of given commands or instructions. All manufacturers usually formulate unique signal strength in addition to modulation to broadcast instructions to particular individual appliance.

Universal remotes are primarily in-built with a programmable memory that allows easy accessibility to diverse number of codes plus the ability to save them all. By means of these specific codes, the remotes can be employed to transmit instructions to any electric device in a controlled environment. Furthermore, the high-end types of the universal remotes come with consumer-friendly touch screens as well as customizable key maps that are handy to competently adapt to the requirements of the consumers.

Pros versus Cons of Universal Remotes

Universal Remote control primarily are available in two varieties namely the pre-programmed and the learning controls. These remotes also similar to any other remotes have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the pre-programmed remotes are found to be more suitable for consumers who have old appliances. This is applicable to preprogrammed remotes as they are unable to store larger amount of codes due to the limited memory storage.

However, the learning remotes as the name is suggestive are perfect for consumers who own other electronic appliances like home theaters and more. These remotes can store diverse number of codes in accordance to the needs of the users. Learning remotes necessitate functioning remotes to store supplementary codes.


Finding the right remote control from the stack of electronic devices can be a tedious task.  If you are dealing with any such difficulty, buy universal TV remote is definitely a life savior that can manage your domestic and commercial appliances efficiently.


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