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Use Long Tail Links for Effective SEO

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All businesses can benefit from using niche long tail links to improve their SEO and find new customers for their products and services.


What are long tail searches?

Long tail generally refers to searches of 3 or more keyword phrases, each one narrowing the search to a more and more specific sector, service or product.

A general search might be on the word ‘replacement keys’

A more detailed search might be ‘replacement keys Ford’

And a long tail search might be ‘replacement keys Ford Kia’.

Obviously the narrower the search, the fewer searches but a lower quantity will mean a higher quality as your website will more closely match their EXACT requirements.


How to develop long tail searches?

Just using Google’s search box will provide suggestions, and their Keyword Tool is free and simple to use. Not only will it tell you the number of local searches for any long tail term you develop, but it will also offer other suggestions.


SEO and long tail search terms

Once you have developed these terms you will need to use them effectively to maximise their SEO value. Here are some ways to use them:

  1. in the URLs of your website pages and blog posts
  2. in the meta data
  3. In the titles, subtitles and body copy of your website
  4. In the titles and copy of your blogs, Facebook posts and other social media


Long tail links

When you use the long tail terms on generic web pages, blogs, articles and other social media then link them to the relevant sub-section on your website. You can have a number of these long tail links on each page. It appears as if Google is giving greater weight to varied, long tail links on a page – to them they appear both more ‘natural’ and also closer to what your website visitors are actually looking for.


The effects of long tail links

If done successfully the use of these links will do more than improve your ranking for those specific terms. It’s likely that it will Indirectly affecting the pages (the long tail page) importance for shorter versions of the hyperlink – so where the long term tail is ‘replacement keys for Ford Kia cars’ both, replacement keys and Ford Kia, get affected as other possible key phrase combinations and rank for them, such as ‘replacement keys for Ford’ and ‘replacement Kia keys’.


Additionally the page and then the website will gain authority as you build authority from the base (of long tail keywords) to the top (Homepage).


If you feel you need help devising or implementing this strategy an internet marketing agency will be the best organisation to seek advice from.


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  • Posted On July 19, 2012
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