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Use Of Laser For Corrective Eye Surgery

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The interaction of laser beams with our skin and organs has been successfully utilized to find cure for a number of medical conditions. One of the most revolutionary impacts is seen in the field of vision correction, which is also the first known use of laser in surgery. Where eye patients had to deal with external contraptions like glasses and contact lenses to be able to focus on objects correctly, now a short-term surgery can restore their vision permanently back to normal.

Lasers and their application in surgery

Lasers producesharply focused beams of light that are single-colored and extremely hot. These beams can be directed at tissues to selectively alter or remove defective parts of the skin and body to enhance appearance and restore normal function to the specific body part. The precision of the beams allow the perfectly functioning tissues to remain unaffected or unharmed. Tools like scalpels and chemicals are used to concentrate and regulate the beams on to the required area. Laser surgeries are also used to shrink tumors and seal off ruptured blood vessels. Even though hot beams that cut tissues sound scary, laser beams actually offer a relatively clean and painless form of surgery. Precise incisions and hot beams help avoid the mess of conventional surgeries. Surgical lasers can be of Carbon dioxide, halides, or a combination of elements like Neodymium, Yttrium, and Aluminum.

The Ultimate Solution for Vision Correction

Vision problems occur mainly due to the inability of the eye to properly focus objects on to the retina (or the screen at the back of the eye), otherwise termed as refractive errors. Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, and Presbyopia are the common refractive errors. These are caused by irregularities in the cornea, which is the outermost layer of the eye. Corrective surgery is aimed at reshaping the cornea so that the normal vision is restored. An excimer laser, which uses halides like Argon, is the ideal laser tool for eye surgeries. These lasers are used to create a tiny opening on the cornea and slowly adjust the shape of the cornea by concentrating the beam on the area through a special lens. LASIK, LASIK, EPILASIK and PRK are the different types of laser eye surgeries, and the right type is recommended by an Ophthalmologist depending on eye test results.

The right place to treat your eyes

While laser surgeries are extremely effective, like all medical procedures they are also prone to numerous risks. Your eyes are extremely valuable. It must be necessary for you to entrust your eyes in the best hands. Perfect care can be received at the right laser surgery center equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced ophthalmologists. Laser surgery is a complex procedure that has to be tailored to suit each patient separately. Timely preparation is a pre-requisite to understand patient characteristics and design the best procedure for their eyes, and just as important as after-care. The right surgery center will not just operate on your eyes, but will fulfill all your pre and post surgery requirements with your best interests at heart.


These Laser Surgery are used to create a tiny opening on the cornea and slowly adjust the shape of the cornea by concentrating the beam on the area through a special lens. We offer best service of Lasik Vision Correction at


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