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Use Samsung Office Serv Manager for Better Communication

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In the present day business environment, most systems are moving towards integration and convergence. This is achieved through role sharing and multitasking of applications all within a single hardware device. This is an improvement from previous years when different functions were handled by separate devices thereby increasing both the costs of running and acquiring the hardware. It is actually through this idea of convergence that the Samsung office serv manager has created a system that delivers an office communication tool that allows for data and calls to be distributed from the same source. It is the best solution for all forms of office communication as it is both efficient and secure.

When you are thinking of an IP convergence system for your business or office, consider getting the Samsung office serv manager. This device supports various types of communication media with several system capabilities. Basically, the system allows connectivity to wireless handsets, standard SIP phones, digital phones, analog phones, and IP phones voice mails. All these can create a maximum of 480 stations. When it comes to the number of trunks, you get a maximum of 240, which accommodates analogue, digital, and standard versions. In addition, the Samsung office serv manager interface is versatile and can take care of all your office communications vis-à-vis VoIP, data, and wireless communication.

The versatility of this device cannot be understated. It can support a remote work station served by a router for use by IP phones and desktop computers. Such a remote workstation is linked through the Internet. Locally within an organization, the Samsung office serv manager can also handle a DMZ that is typically used for both web and FTP servers. This is because it offers high levels of security that can handle access from suspect networks like the Internet. Similarly, the Samsung office serv manager also supports a mixture of IP phones and computer setups, which could be digital or analogue. Apart from this, you also get wireless access that can be utilized by both mobile phones and notebooks.

Despite having many applications and interfaces, the Samsung office serv manager still guarantees top-notch security that is not easily compromised. This includes both a firewall and intrusion detection tool that helps keep away spammers and data thieves. This is the kind of security that allows you to conduct your data transfer both within and outside the organization without worrying about being compromised. You can also house your very sensitive servers, whether web or email, under the demilitarized zones of the networks without worrying about intrusion.

Last but not least, communication is very vital for businesses. This is the only way important business ideas as well as data can be transmitted back and forth to different people. Therefore, investing in modern convergence hardware like the Samsung office serv manager puts your business ahead of competition and helps in cutting costs and making your business more competitive. That is why in the modern office setting, you must go for a streamlined process that is versatile and still gives room for up scaling. Therefore, its ease of deployment and integration with old technology puts it ahead of competition and makes it the best in its category.

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