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Use your iPhone to get the Sex You Want

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One of the most common questions I get is “How Can I get my Lover To…..?” Of course it is always best to be open with your partner and talk to him or her about what you need in a sexual relationship. Often this is easier said than done. For various reasons some men or women are not receptive to a direct conversation. In such matters one needs to use tact.

In my own constant quest to find new toys and games for my long-standing relationship, I stumbled upon a sex game for the iPhone called 1000 Orgasms, by Games Gone Wild. I found this application to be a very useful solution to this problem. Here’s how it works…

There is a menu of over 100 kissing, foreplay and sexual position cards. You sit down with your lover in a quiet and relaxed location and take turns choosing the sexual acts you want to perform on each other and adding these acts/cards to your “shopping cart”, thus building a list. You then set this list to a timer that will play the cards for you while you make love. A gentle tone will signal you when it is time to move on the next sex act.

So why do I think this is useful? Say for example a woman wants her man to perform oral sex but is too embarrassed to ask, she simply puts a cunnilingus card into the list as one of her choices. At the same time he is choosing the sex acts that he desires. In effect it becomes a compromise. So he is now agreeing to perform cunnilingus without getting into a deep discussion about it. In turn you are agreeing to his desires. It’s a win win!

Now I have no trouble communicating with my partner about my sexual desires but I still enjoyed 1000 Orgasms because I found the whole conversation of choosing the sex positions together to be foreplay (the build up) in itself. The discussion got us excited before we even started. Still there are some improvements I would like to see: the ability to set a different time for each position, currently you can only set one time for all of them. I would also love to see the ability for users to share notes on each position in the app.

Sex games for couples is not a new concept, but I find playing a good game on a sexy piece of technology like the iPhone gives me the feeling of keeping with the times. Just owning the device gives a feeling of power, and now you can combine the pleasure of sex with it.

Cammy Han is an expert in Sex and Relationships and has helped thousands of couples and individuals to put romance and pleasure back into their lives. For more information

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  • Posted On June 28, 2012
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