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A board probe: used to manufacture large diameter submerged arc welding straight seam steel plate into the production line, the first full-board ultrasonic testing; (2) Milling: Milling Machine on the plate edge milling on both sides so as to achieve the required plate width, plate edge parallel to the degree and shape of the groove; Pre curved|: the pre-bending machine plate edge pre-bending side of the board has to meet the requirements of the curvature; Molding: JCO molding machine first half of the pre-bent steel plate steel plate after multiple step stamping, pressed into a “J” shape, and then the other half of the same bent, pressed into the “C” shape, and finally the formation of openings “O”-shaped (5) pre-welding: after forming the straight seam welded steel pipe seam gas shielded arc welding (MAG) of continuous welding; Within the welding: tandem wire submerged arc welding (up to four wire) in the inside of the straight seam steel pipe welding; Outside welding: tandem multi-wire subme |  rged arc welding the outside of LSAW; 8 ultrasonic testing I: straight seam welded steel pipes inside and outside welds and weld on both sides of the base metal, 100% of the check; X-ray examination I: 100% of the X-ray industrial TV inspection inside and outside weld image processing system to ensure that the sensitivity of the flaw; 10 expanding: submerged arc welding pipe joints straight full-length expanding in order to improve the dimensional accuracy of steel pipe, and improve the state of stress distribution within the steel pipe; 11 hydraulic test: hydrostatic testing machine, steel pipe expanding by inspection to ensure that the steel pipe to reach the standard required test pressure, the aircraft with automatic recording and storage capabilities; 12. Chamfering: after passing inspection, pipe by pipe-end processing, to achieve the required pipe end beveling size; 13 Ultrasonic Inspection II: again by the root of ultrasonic testing to check for straight seam welded steel pipe that may arise after expanding, hydraulic defects; 14. X-ray examination II: steel pipe expanding and hydrostatic test film of the X-ray industrial TV inspection and welding of pipe ends; 15 Magnetic particle inspectio www.coldrollformingmachine.orgn of the pipe end: this check to find the tube end defects; 16 anti-corrosion and coating: after passing the steel pipe according to user requirements for corrosion and coatings. Edit this paragraph Spiral steel pipe process (1) raw material strip volume, wire, flux. The input to go through rigorous physical and chemical testing. (2) strip head and tail docking, using a single wire or twin-wire submerged arc welding and automatic submerged| welding rolled into the steel pipe. (3) before forming the strip after flattening, cutting, trimming, edge planing, transportation and to the curved side surface cleaning. (4) electric contact pressure gauge to control the conveyor both sides of the pressure cylinder pressure to ensure the smooth delivery of the strip. (5) external locus of control or internal control roll forming. (6) of the weld gap control device to meet the welding requirements to ensure that the weld gap, diameter, misalignment and weld gap have been strictly controlled. (7), welding and outside welding Lincoln welding machine, a single wire or twin-wire submerged arc welding, so as to obtain a stable welding specifications. (8) finished welding the weld line ultrasonic injury examination was to ensure 100% of the spiral weld non-destructive testing coverage. If defective, automatic alarm and spray the tag, production workers and so adjusting the|  process parameters at any time, to eliminate defects in a timely manner. (9) air plasma cutting machine to cut the pipes into a single root. (10) cut a single steel pipe, each batch of steel pipe the first three to be strict censorship, check the weld mechanical properties, chemical composition, fusion status and the surface quality and NDT Inspection, to ensure that the process pipe after passing the order to put into production. Weld (11) marked the site of continuous acoustic flaw detection, manual ultrasonic and X-ray review, if there are defects after repair again after destructive testing, until the confirmation of the defect has been eliminated. (12) strip butt weld, and intersect with spiral weld small joint where the pipe all through the X-ray television or film examination. (13) steel pipe hydrostatic test pressure radial seal. Test pressure and time by a steel pipe pressure microcomputer detection device is strictly controlled. The test parameters are automatically printed records. (14) pipe end machining, so that the end vertical slope altercation and accurate control of the blunt edge. Edit this paragraph Spiral steel pipe commonly used classification Spiral steel pipe commonly used classification methods, there are two: First, the geometric shape classification, according to the cross-sectional shape of the transverse ribs and rib spacing different classification or type, such as British Standard (BS4449), the rebar will be divided into type Ⅰ Ⅱ. This classification of the main reaction of rebar grip performance. Is the performance category (class), such as our standar||d (G B1499), according to the level of strength (yield point / tensile strength) steel will be divided into three levels; Japanese Industrial Standard (JI SG3112), the comprehensive performance Rebar will be divided into five types; British Standard (BS4461), also provides for certain grades of rebar performance test. Rebar can also by end-use classification, such as divided into reinforced concrete with reinforced, and I stress Reinforced concrete and heat treated steel.


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