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Useful Information about Shredding Services in Los Angeles

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Most businesses secure their transactions by hiring shredding services in Los Angeles or in Orange County CA. Of course, they do this after saving soft copies of sensitive documents. Shredding services in Los Angeles or Orange County CA help many businesses save on office space. It also decreases the chances of sensitive documents falling into the wrong hands.

With this service, most offices don’t need to purchase bulky filing cabinets. Looking for reliable businesses offering document destruction is not difficult. You can easily find them listed in the yellow pages or in websites online. Be patient in finding the right one for your business. If you are still hesitant on this kind of service, read on.

Why do I need to get shredding services in Los Angeles?

There are two reasons you should consider having document destruction. The first one is to make sure you destroy confidential documents to prevent identity theft.

Reports show that about 10 million Americans fall victim to identity theft. This incident led to $52 billion in losses. While cyber theft is much easier, there are still criminals who go for the old-fashioned means to get important information. Other than pick-pocketing wallets and checkbooks, they dive dumpsters and look at disposed documents. To avoid this, dispose confidential documents efficiently and properly.

The second reason is for you to have an efficient and secure way of getting rid of sensitive company information. Look for companies offering shredding services. In Orange County CA, you will find many document destruction specialists. Other than shredding important documents into tiny bits, they also know how to deal with other storage items like CDs, tapes, and hard drives.

How can I get shredding services in Orange County CA?

Destroying files should be a standard protocol, regardless of the size of your company. For small business, it’s easy to do this in-house. For medium to large companies, however, owners should outsource to companies offering document destruction of corporate information. Business owners should realize this transaction is critical and doing it within company premises still poses a risk.

There is another option available for owners who are hesitant on having files destroyed somewhere else. They can hire mobile shredding services in Orange County CA. This is popular with many companies in California. Lately, even businesses throughout the country are seeking this service. With mobile shredding services, destroying documents and other media containing sensitive information becomes safer.

What happens when you get mobile shredding services? A truck will come and park near your business premises.  Document destruction specialists will step out of the van and sort your files for shredding. To assure they will do this efficiently and securely, most specialists will let you watch.

Research before hiring a company offering shredding services. Make sure companies comply to standards. Look up the National Association for Information Destruction. You may even check the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). Companies affiliated with these organizations can guarantee safe business transactions.

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