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Using Reputation Management to Strengthen a Brand Online

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We all need reputation management. You either have a good reputation or a bad one. There is no midline. The same can be said of products or services offered online. It takes a lot of strenuous effort to develop a brand. Plenty of resources are put towards ensuring that the product or service released into the market gains hold. However, a slight mistake can bring a brand down in a matter of hours. This is where online reputation management is called into play. Online marketing is highly sensitive. Clients can interpret feedback the wrong way resulting in a dip in revenue. Hence, reputation management is something you cannot choose to ignore.

In order to understand how online reputation management works, we shall look at an example. Assume you are taking your family on holiday. After an intense online search, you pick a resort which you feel would be most ideal for the family. To get acquainted with the selected resort, you search for online reviews. The aim is to get what other clients feel about the services on this resort. You stumble upon some horrible remarks. However, upon reading further, you notice that the manager had responded, explained the situation, and offered an apology. That is reputation management.

Had the resort’s management chosen to keep mum, probably you could have opted to cancel any booking made. Reputation management either drives customers to the business or away from it. Not all clients will be happy with the services accorded. Some will tell you, others will not. Reputation management services target such clients with a view of correcting their perceptions. Feedback is a good pointer to the quality of service on offer. Positive feedback reiterates client satisfaction. In order to manage the two sets of information, you need a robust online reputation management policy. Online responses need not be detailed. It may be a simple “thank you,” or “your comments have been noted.”

Upon establishing an online reputation management policy, you need to have a team whose work is solely to handle this. Other strategies for building a strong online presence include developing an identity, developing the brand positively, and resolving all issues touching on the reputation of the brand. The good news is that reputation management can be outsourced. This involves the creation of an interactive platform where customers are asked to rate the services enjoyed. A scale can be provided usually from 1-10 and some space for comments. Outsourced online reputation management services give a business ample time to focus on its core functions.

To take reputation management a notch higher, set up readers to keep track of any mention of your products or services. These mentions can be monitored on Twitter, Yahoo, or Google through independent reputation management service providers. From the three you can catch the latest about the brand’s performance and what the public feels about it. Online reputation management also involves penetrating into the vibrant online social community. Online reputation management targets millions of potential clients active on social networking sites.

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