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Vacation to Minnesota – what you can look forward to

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One of the most beautiful states of USA, Minnesota is quite famous for its lakes. With over 10,000 lakes, vacation to Minnesota is simply great for people who truly want to enjoy natural beauty. Due to prevalence of several water bodies, lake vacations are extremely popular in Minnesota. People who are fond of fishing or swimming will have a great time here and those who are more inclined towards water sports can expect some adventurous water games too. Minnesota is hence a great place to holiday with friends or family. While lake vacations are more popular in Minnesota, this doesn’t mean your holiday would be restricted to simply that. Apart from indulging in water sports and water related activities, you can enjoy camping and hiking trips, horse riding and hunting too.

When you are planning your vacation to Minnesota, it is important that you decide certain things well in advance. Your budget and the kind of holiday you prefer are the basic things you must consider. For golfers and for those who like to be a part of a huge bustling crowd, the Brainard, Nisswa and Pequot lake areas are great. Walker on the Leach Lake, which is the 3rd largest lake of the state, is a good spot for those who are looking at a purely fishing, biking and shopping holiday. For those who want to try some canoeing, Ely is the place to be. There are several resorts in these popular areas that can offer you all the comforts to enjoy your vacation. All the resorts in the state have their own style. Depending on the number of members, you can opt for an indoor house spa resort or a golf onsite resort.

While the lakeside activities and adventures are a reason enough to plan a vacation to Minnesota, there are several other tourist attractions too that will make your vacation even more memorable. Here are some of the many never-to-miss tourist attractions in Minnesota -

Superior National Forest:

Reaching almost to the border of Canada, the Superior National Forest is one of the best tourist attractions of Minnesota. It is a national park which stretches on over 700 acres of land. In this wonderful park, you can witness large trees and wilderness through to its end. The forest is based in Duluth City and is one of the renowned parks of the state.

Mall of America:

Do you like shopping? If you do, then your vacation to Minnesota will remain incomplete without a visit to the world’s biggest shopping mall – the ‘Mall of America’. This shopping mall is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. It is based in the heart of the state and is visited by several tourists all year through. While you would primarily want to shop here, you will be far more amazed looking at this architectural wonder!

Heritage House:

Heritage House is another charming place in Minnesota. If you are going on a vacation to Minnesota, then don’t miss the opportunity to witness this beautiful house. The Heritage house pleases the tourists with its antique displays and structures. It features things like beautiful dolls, rustic quits, bedding and all the astounding items from the mid 1800s.

Minnesota Zoo:

If you are traveling with kids, you are sure to love your trip to the Minnesota Zoo. Boasting of over 504 species and about 1040 animals, the Zoo is definitely worth a visit.

Spirit Mountain:

For people who like snowboarding, Spirit Mountain is the place to be. Winter is the best time to visit Spirit Mountain to enjoy some snowboarding. The place is also known for its hiking trails. Many people arrange for their weddings here and that is definitely an experience of a lifetime!

A vacation to Minnesota is definitely a great idea if you are planning for a quick getaway with your family. With serene lakes and beautiful landscapes for your company, you are sure to feel blessed to leave the chaotic city life behind. Minnesota has been attracting several tourists for the kind of experience it offers. It is definitely a great place for some great family bonding!

About The Author :

Jim Hay is a vacation writer and has spent several vacations in the Minnesota area. He especially enjoys the Ely Minnesota area and has fond memories of Ely Minnesota Restaurants and attractions.


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