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Valuable Tips for Wedding Photography Wollongong

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Your wedding photographs will tell great stories to generations that will come after you. Pictures speak more than words they say, but have you ever experienced it? Pull out some old images of your parent’s wedding from old shoeboxes or wherever you stack them and spend an hour with them, you will realize the power of each image as you see them. 


Wedding images stay on longer and come out occasionally to entertain you and your friends on those boring Friday afternoons. So, what can you do to make your wedding photography Wollongong better?

1.      Get married to the right person!

Funny as it may sound, you need natural chemistry going on between you and your spouse to show in your pictures. An experienced photographer may pull off something great even if you two fuss over something useless and nonsense, but think about it, if you two do not get things right at the outset, you will be looking for more wedding photography Wollongong experts in a couple of years.

2.     Get Photographed Before the Ceremony

Do not let the crowd spoil your mood. Get to the venue before the ceremony starts and have at least a few pictures snapped before people start pouring in. At the end of the ceremony you will be left with little energy, if any to look charming. Plus, spit gurgling aunts kissing you on the cheeks will piss you off quicker than you can imagine, hence get photographed before the first wave of visitors start crashing in.

3.     Focus on Weather and Lighting Conditions

Wedding photography Wollongong depends a lot on the lighting condition. Evenings and early dawns are appreciated for the soft hues and calming light. The rich colors of amber will fill up the image with rich effects which cannot be imitated by any modern day gadget or ever will be able to reproduce the effect. The time just before sun down is better than darkness.

4.     Plan Before Your Wedding Photography Wollongong

This is almost universal, planning is integral to get the pictures right. Your photographer will likely ask for lists of images you want taken and ask a few questions about your preferences. In case they don’t, you should talk about it anyway.

5.     Know your Expectations

Just as before the wedding, the days after it are equally stressful for the newlyweds. You should understand that the process of developing the images take time to complete and you will probably have to wait for a week depending on the work pressure of the photographer.


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