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Vans Australia

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“My dear Marneffe, it takes long patience to gain an end. You cannot
be made head-clerk in less than two months, if ever. Just when I must,
as far as possible, secure my own position, is not the time to be
applying for your promotion, which would raise a scandal.”

“If you are broke, I shall never get it,” said Marneffe coolly. “And
if you get me the place, it will make no difference in the end.”

“Then I am to sacrifice myself for you?” said the Baron.

“If you do not, I shall be much mistaken in you.”

“You are too exclusively Marneffe, Monsieur Marneffe,” said Hulot,
rising and showing the clerk the door.

“I have the honor to wish you good-morning, Monsieur le Baron,” said
Marneffe humbly.

Vans Australia

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Vans shoes

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