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Various forms of music

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Design and publishing software programs provide contexts in which users can create illustrations, edit photographs, and lay out documents for publication. Illustration software includes drawing and painting tools, shapes, and clip art that can be combined and layered with lettering and enhanced with special effects. Peripherals such as a stylus and tablet for entry may give the user finer control for illustration and photograph editing. Photographs can be touched up, cropped, and altered in other ways. Simple and complex documents, including those that combine text and images, can be created with the elements locked into position for certain results.

Games and educational software programs can have some overlap, as some games are educational. However, there are also games that are strictly for fun and educational programs that do not take the form of games. Instruction ranges from pre-kindergarten material to typing programs to sophisticated language courses for adults. Test preparation for college entrance exams and other assessments is also available. Games include many varieties of solitaire, as well as multi-player games in which there is a narrative thread.

Utilities are often programs that extend the functionality of the operating system. For example, Parallels Desktop? 5.0 for Mac allows one to load a Windows? operating system on one’s Apple? computer. StuffitDeluxe? makes it easy to compress and decompress files, while other software is available for burning CD-ROMS and DVDs. Automated backup software is another utility software program type. Security software is designed to both clean existing viruses and malware from computers as well as prevent future attacks.

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