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Vein Therapy: About Varicose and also Spider Veins

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An issue most ladies complain of is having varicose and also spider veins. It restricts their fashion choices and also makes their legs and feet unattractive. This is one excellent reason they have vein therapy.

Varicose veins are enlarged blue or purplish veins seen on legs and also feet. Spider veins, alternatively, are smaller and also thinner bluish or purplish veins that are visible on thighs, calves, and also ankles. They are unappealing and induce discomfort. These also produce puffiness, skin ulcers, and cramps, on the calves. Here are some of the causes and signs of these conditions.

Exactly what are the causes of Varicose and also Spider Veins?

Varicose and also spider veins are often related to various medical conditions. For instance, pregnancy plays a role in the development of these veins. A pregnant woman can have an increase in blood volume. The blood flow slows down, however, from the leg to the pelvis. The change in the blood circulation would bring about enlargement of veins in the legs. One other factor that may lead to having these conditions is weight problems. Extra weight could put more strain on the veins and cause them to enlarge.

Certain habits can also result in the formation of these conditions. Standing for extended periods can also cause muscle contraction and decrease in blood circulation. If you do not want to have spider veins avoid oral contraceptives, cigarettes, and too much quantities of alcohol. Spider veins could also form due to continuous exposure to the sun.

Telling Signs and Symptoms of these Conditions

If you experience the following signs and symptoms, you might like to have IPL therapy along with other treatments:


-heavy and unpleasant sensation in the legs

-irritation around one or more veins

- Throbbing muscles

-Spots of purple, blue, red or veins under the skin

-skin ulcers

Good Treatments for Varicose and also Spider Veins

Cosmetic surgeons could give different treatment options for people with spider and also varicose veins. Here are a few treatments:


This is also called vein therapy. With this treatment method, the doctor treats blood vessels or blood vessel malformations by injecting a solution to the veins. This certain solution can cause the linings of the blood vessel to enlarge and stick together. This could result in a scar tissue formation over time. When you get this treatment, you might feel a mild discomfort or stinging sensation when the doctor injects the solution. You may see mild bruising, swelling, and itching.

-Compression Stocking

This might help leg muscles and veins in blood circulation. You may choose from several brands available. Get ones with the right compression for your legs. Use them every day for as long as they are at risk of having blood clots in the leg.

IPL therapy

ipl therapy  is a cosmetic method that uses light pulses to deal with the broken parts of the skin. The laser acts on the different layers of the skin to smooth and even out the surface. It exfoliates the surface area of the dermis, reducing lines and giving the skin a youthful glow. This procedure may last for 10 to 40 minutes, depending on how severe the condition is.

Read about IPL therapy and other procedures like velashape cellulite treatment. Consult your physician for further information about various cosmetic treatments.


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