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Viable Embarrassment In California Schools

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The financial shape of La schools is pretty spoiled. The last report showed that the California schools are in 40th place out of 50 states according to California is in pretty pathetic shape. It has cut and cut teacher pay and staff to the bare minimum bones. What this does is creates a shortage of educators. Layoffs in the educational system continue to this day.

Because of deciding ways and unions the system in place barely kind of functioning. It needs help because times have changed. Pension plans that pay lifetime of pay are changing. These changes in the pensions will save some money. Old ways are sometimes hard to change. Especially when unions involved have to make both parties happy.

The resolution to this fiasco is coming in the form of the crowd a.k.a. the social network of finance. Crowd funding will help schools raise the necessary capital to create an environment that is necessary for student achievement. Crowd funding is in its initial stages but is growing in different sectors. Crowdfunding will hit the educational sector with targeted niche geographical markets for funding soon.

Teachers, staff, business development of schools will raise capital via crowdfunding. It will be a very niche market. But it will help those in that particular market that have a passion to help their own neighborhoods. Alumnis, faculty and staff, parents, sponsors and associates will all come together and participate in crowd funding projects for the school. It is very innovative and new.

Although crowd funding his new with participants such as kickstarter,indiegogo, treveri, and crowdcube, the changes will hit schools. Teachers need funding for their classrooms and they will find that with the financial crowd. Although it is new, people like to help each other out. The crowdfunding finance is the future.

Peera Lavestablogs about the monetary markets and start up funding . She also writes about some of the angel funding topics of the week. On her days off she fishes on the waterfront and does yoga.


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  • Posted On April 28, 2012
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