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View Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap (2012) Video On the web Free Stream

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A documentary on rap music and rise to global popularity.

Rapper Ice-T looks in the origins of the reputation game in his first film regarding the genre that made them a star. At the root of hip-hop would be the impressive lyrics, crafted by master wordsmiths, that make up these types of songs and Ice-T extends to the bottom of what it takes to create these elaborate rhymes.

The title of the film suggests that rap came from nothing at all, but the truth can be rap began when those without entry to instruments turned to precisely what they did have, the record player, and turned that into an instrument. Rap was a reinvention with this music, throwing rhymes and lyrics within the instrumentation rather than completely originating in nothing. As Grandmaster Caz states inside film, “Hip-hop didn’t invent everything, hip-hop reinvented everything” giving new life to these kinds of songs and bringing the crooks to a new generation.

The one thing just about every artist, no matter their model, noted as being most critical was creating lyrics seated in honesty and individual experiences. Good lyrics should tell a story or paint a picture from the listener’s mind. Developing one’s own first voice and style assisted each artist find their identity and which kind of lyrics they would create whether it be an MC getting people excited at the party or show to someone seeking to inspire to someone looking to highlight their own experiences.

It is clear that the artists who create this music are really talented, but rap and hip-hop still won’t get the same admiration as jazz or the blues. Most agreed that the situation lay with them and hip-hop’s image of artists hating during one another instead of having respect for each other, causing others to view the genre (and their work) adversely. Considering a lot of rap was given birth to out of rap challenges and using lyrics to prove their skills in front of a crowd, it is not too surprising this tendency exists (KRS-One got his come from the game after aimlessly getting called out in a battle he just happened to be watching). Hip-hop also brings issues as well as a view of life within the streets to the mainstream making those under comfortable with this lyrical content to likewise have a negative view from the genre. But it is of importance to these stories to always be heard to expand of which awareness and keep those people still in those predicaments from feeling alone.

The slightly choppy filmmaking gives solution to an interesting story instructed by someone who besides understands this world, but is also a part of it. Clocking in at almost an excellent two hours, the film would get benefited from some firmer editing with shots of Ice-T trying to find people on the neighborhood to leave him by yourself so he could finish an interview added some reality to the narrative, but better served being an extended or deleted world. Regardless, The Art of Reputation succeeds in giving audiences a look inside this world along with the true genius and talent of people who create the music that fill it.

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