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View The Annoying Orange S05 EP8 Bad News Pears

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Previously around the Annoying Orange “Dr. Strange Plum”, The gang attend a dinner for a mysterious mansion and soon realize they usually are on the menu.

The show is based on Orange (voiced through Dane Boedigheimer), who resides on the kitchen counter with other objects just like his best friend Pear, a Bartlett pear (as well voiced by Boedigheimer). Other fruits include Love, a female passionfruit enjoyed by Justine Ezarik, grapefruit, a tiny apple generally known as Midget Apple (however he prefers the label Little Apple), a small marshmallow, and an elderly lemon named Grandpa Lemon, all of whom weren’t main characters until afterwards episodes. Most episodes consist of Orange heckling other people until they meet the sudden and gruesome conclude, usually by evisceration using a chef’s knife (however the implements used to cut them up cover anything from a blender to a toy pinwheel). Usually, Orange tries to “warn” these folks before it happens, blurting out the weapon-in-use, such as “Knife! ”

The Annoying Orange is usually an American comedy web line created by Dane Boedigheimer last season. It stars Boedigheimer for anthropomorphic orange who annoys alternative fruits, vegetables, and various other objects by employing crude-humored jokes. Due to the popularity from the show, The Annoying Orange has also become the subject of an TV series, a video game, a range of gadgets, and a t-shirt brand, despite the show’s damaging reaction. Other accessories, such as costumes from the series characters, have also appeared out there.

Orange has several continuing mannerisms. He often begins the episode by repeatedly yelling “Hey, (name of nature)! ” until the persona responds. Orange also often looks at said character as something that plays within the object’s name or appearance (for example calling Grapefruit “Apefruit”). If he does not like an object, he will often say, “You’re an apple! “, even if the object is just not (e. g. a tomato). Orange uses various methods, such as telling rude and offensive jokes, burping, and making childish noises along with his tongue, to get attention. He also has a loud, braying laugh.

Dane Boedigheimer frequently made home videos for a teen. During his college years, he studied filmmaking inside Minnesota, where he met Spencer Grove being an undergraduate. After finishing college, Boedigheimer and Grove shifted to Bakersfield, California and then within 2004 moved to Are generally, where they both proved helpful as production assistants intended for MTV’s Pimp My Vehicle. Boedigheimer and his creation company, Gagfilms, slowly built a center of fans. In 2006, he opened two Vimeo channels named Daneboe plus Gagfilms, producing several video series. Dane’s videos have happen to be viewed over 500 million times and also have been featured on TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER, popular entertainment, news, and video sharing sites. He is also known for his ongoing “Video Game Mashups” group of videos. In 2010, Boedigheimer’s YouTube channel had almost 350 million views and earned money of $288, 000 from ads.

Before The Annoying Orange, Boedigheimer had done plenty of talking food videos for his channel along with other sites including JibJab. He said in an interview that the idea for The Annoying Orange was a variety of the talking food videos, puns and special effects he saw and did before.

Watch The Annoying Orange Season 5 Episode 8 Bad News Pears


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