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Vintage Diamond Cuts to Spice up the Jewelry Collection

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The diamond buyers are overwhelmed with the options in extravagantly lush diamond cuts in the market. Choosing one would be a tough task, especially if it is for an engagement or wedding ring. Before succumbing to the promising machine made modern cuts, it is good to have a glance at the remnants of the past. Vintage diamond cuts can spice up the jewelry collection due to their brilliance. The nineteenth century witnessed a variety of hand cut diamonds. The beauty of these cuts is indescribable. Unlike the modern cuts that focus in enhancing the ‘fire’ of the diamond, these were cut to maximize the carat weight. This accounts to the difference in their proportion in comparison to the modern cuts. The vintage cuts are characterized by higher crowns, smaller tables and thicker girdles.

The classic solitaire engagement ring, set with a round-brilliant cut diamond, is always going to be a popular choice for brides-to-be, but vintage diamond cuts are making a comeback, inspired by our current appetite for nostalgia. From fashion and films to furniture and food, the past has never been so influential. But while pretty much anything pre-dating 1990 is being labelled vintage in an attempt to capture the zeitgeist, you have something tangibly historic to relate to with diamond cuts. The Asscher cut, for example, was developed early in the 20th century, while the emerald cut is believed to date back to early Egyptian times and enjoyed a peak of popularity during the Art Deco era.

The cushion cut is also experiencing a renaissance thanks to the popularity of vintage-style jewellery, and diamond engagement rings in particular. This classic cut – square or rectangular shaped, with large open facets and rounded corners – was popular throughout most of the 19th century and embodies vintage romance. It might not give off as much sparkle as a modern-day round-brilliant cut, but its larger facets better show off a diamond’s clarity. Angelina Jolie is a walking advertisement for the cushion cut – her diamond engagement ring features a whopping cushion-cut diamond that looks elegant and understated, despite its size, the perfect choice for a woman who is the epitome of old-school glamour.

Owing its royal pedigree to King Louis XV of France, the marquise is a vintage cut with a fascinating history. The king reportedly commissioned his court jeweller to create a diamond that mimicked the mouth of his mistress, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, and the result was the slender, double-edged marquise. Whether the story is strictly true or not, the cut is distinctive and sensual and reminiscent of old Hollywood while remaining relevant to modern-day brides – just look at Victoria Beckham’s custom-made marquise cut engagement ring.

It is the romantic glow of the vintage cuts that make them superior to their modern counterparts. Popular diamond dealers are keen in stocking the vintage diamond jewelry as more and more buyers are interested in them. They look magnificent on precious metals including yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum. The vintage cut diamonds are a must addition to the jewelry collection of any diamond lover.

Tara Davis is the author of this article about selection vintage diamond cuts. She is a qualified gemmologist and is working with one of top British jewellers guiding customers to buy Solitaire Engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and all kind of diamond jewellery as per the occasion.


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