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Virtual Employee Pvt Ltd Client Review : Constantly Strives For Customer’s Satisfaction

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VirtualEmployee has become the natural first choice for outsourcing in world wide web. Clients are satisfied with services. In this article, clients from the US, UK share their outsourcing experience, and how proved to be the best choice for outsourcing.

One Of The Client Say from USA

Working with VE was a natural extension of what we’ve always been doing since we have worked with home employees. Our first hire was Guneet for our IT requirement and today he does so much more than just IT for us. Our second hire was Prashant and we brought him at an entry level to help support our production operations and basically manage the back-office tasks.

Working with VE, even though they are a continent away, didn’t seem that way. They could be in the office next door for all we know! Its all pretty seamless. I soon realised that we could make some big productivity gains if could have a blended approach where VE provided the support and someone sat in front of the computer and did the things that had to be done so that we in the States could go and do the higher value-added things. I am excited to say that this definitely contributed to our bottomline. Three things stand out for me which is why I am going to continue to use VE. One, is the wage differential between our area and India; the Second, with VE it is a turnkey situation. They provide everything. I don’t have to worry about a desk or a computer for Guneet or if his computer goes down. They provide everything. I pay one price and that’s it. The third thing which is a dream for me is that not having to deal with the regulations for additional people; there’s so much red tape and hassle to deal with here in the government and all that. I really believe that with the advent of the Cloud, offshoring is a cost advantage….and five years from now, if you do not do this it is a cost-disadvantage. I am glad that VE has given us this opportunity to increase our profitability.

One Of The Client Say From UK

We have one person here handling our customer care and also doing some reporting and research for us. Its been a very good experience so far. He’s been with us for a year now. He not only gets the job done but has also shown his entrepreneurial side which is very hard to find in an individual. Dealing with the VE team has always been good and if we needed a new monitor or needed to change something in the office it has happened straightaway or if we needed to arrange for holidays, there has always been a very quick response. I look forward to growing the team and working with them in the future as well.


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  • Posted On April 9, 2012
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