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VPS Server: A Cost Effective Alternative Of A Dedicated Web Server

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It is a well known fact that a dedicated server hosting provides you the maximum flexibility in terms of control and optimization of the website, but not everyone is capable to afford such a costly option. For those who can afford dedicated hosting, a very good alternative is the Virtual Server Hosting service, with the help of an innovative virtualization a single physical server is split up into several virtual private servers virtually. And each vps server has its separate O/S(Operating System) and also can be rebooted anytime individually, also access to the root directory, IP address, users, files, etc. VPS Server Hosting allows its valuable clients/customer to have the maximum accessible resources which could be justifiably used for their website requirements, so a VPS Servers gives you the best service of both the aspects, that of lower cost and a good level of stable performance that is usually associated with a dedicated server.

The noticeable aspect of a Virtual server Hosting is that full root access is been provided, this implies that one can incorporate his or her licensed software application and it is also capable enough to handle high volumes of web traffic and bandwidth of up to hundreds of gigabytes very conveniently provided by the concerned service provider. This kind of web hosting also provides you the flexibility of hosting several sites with the assistance of Virtual Hosts from Apache, moreover the server can also be suitably utilized for storage or backup purposes. The aspect of security is also well addressed here, as one does not need to share the IP stacks, all the processes and files are separately placed on the vps web server, thereby guaranteeing higher levels of performance and security onboard. If you feel confused to opt for a cheap windows vps hosting service provider thinking that you might have expansion constraints in future, be sure to choose the services of a company that can provide you the best.


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  • Posted On July 28, 2012
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