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Walkie-talkie Wireless Headset And Receiver Small Field CTS-205N

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ThisSpy Wireless Earphone receiving equipment is intended for most transmitting message discreetly from a Walkie-talkie transmitter toward a cordless earpiece receiver.

Walkie Talkie Earphone is perfect used for covert operations like as regulation enforcement, casino confidence and confidence personnel.

The tiny earbud suits into your ear and can have audio instruction from your accomplice up to 3000 meters away.


Receiver contains two biggest components, a wallet shaped receiver, and an earpiece. The Pockets Receiver seems very same as a strange pockets, cordless earpiece is just about invisible to the eye.

It ensures total covert reception from transmitter, permits you to hear to message wherever transmitter is located.

Via maximum convenience, readability and discretion.


This handheld VHF/UHF FM Tranmitter is an effortless-used communication instrument toward ship message toward bundled receiver, holding in hand or taking into packet is suitable.

High technology is changing our life, this walkie-talkie changes our communication. The work core PTT foremost, monitor key and quantity keys create the operation very convenient.

By ninety nine memory channels, adoption of part-lock loop frequency synthesis, micro-pc controller, and the LED apheliotropic lights, the multi-perform FM transceiver is valuable.

The premium primary battery can final a long time toward worth. More than these, there’s a relaxing style toward speak by its Chinese-English voice annunciation serve and creative sound.

The light on the longest and the sound “Open the radio” remind you it is prepared toward supply. Here’s a tips, the adding buying earphone may be plugged into the Speaker/Microphone jacks, which is on the fitting side.

Features:Wireless Spy Earpiece

Frequency series(MHz): VHF 136.000~174.000UHF 400.000~470.000

Walkie-Talkie Charger: 6V DC

Charger enter power: 220V 50Hz

Battery: Nickel hydrogen battery

Reminiscence channel: ninety nine channels

Antenna: Inductively loaded antenna

Antenna impedance: 50O

Working style: Identical frequency single operation or countless frequency single operation

Floor aspect: Negative pole

Dimension(mm): 10.2 x 5.2 x 2.8cm

Whole weight: 673g


Launching components:

Output power: =3W

Modulation way: Frequency modulation

Maximum frequency deviation: =5KHz

Remanent radiation: <-60dBm

Preemphasis character: 6dB per fold frequency patch

Emission current: =800mA

Receiving elements:

Sensitivity: <0.16V (12dB SINAD)

Silent sensitivity:


The receiver comprises two major elements, a receiver within the build of portfolio, and a headset. It ensures full covert reception from transmitter enables you to listen toward the message the place the transmitter is located.

By manner of most comfort, clarity and discretion.


This handheld VHF / UHF FM tranmitted is a communication instrument straightforward toward importance to ship the message to the recipient including, holding arms or having appropriate software package.

High tools is changing our lives, it modifications our communication walkie-talkie. The key give out PTT, monitor foremost numeric keys and the operation is very convenient.

Via ninety nine reminiscence channels, the adoption of the loop frequency synthesis phase lock, micro-laptop controller, and LED lights apheliotropic, the multi-operate FM transceiver is valuable.

The primary premium battery can final lengthy in importance. Greater than these, there is a relaxing approach to speak on your voice annunciation function Chinese language-English and the original sound.

The sunshine on the top and the sound “open radio” Remember that you’re prepared to provide.Here is some recommendation, further buying the handset could be plugged into the speaker and microphone, which is on the proper side.


Frequency Collection (MHz): VHF 470.000 400.000 136 000 ~ ~ 174.000UHF

Walkie-Talkie Charger: 6V DC

Charger enter power: 220V 50Hz

Battery: Nickel-hydrogen

Reminiscence Channel: 99 channels

Antenna: antenna induction charging

Antenna Impedance: 50O

technique of working: the only-frequency operation in the identical or several frequency single operation

low way: Adverse pole

Dimensions (mm): 10.2 x 5.2 x 2.8cm

Full weight: 673g


Components Launched: Wireless Spy Earpiece

Output: = 3W/5W

Modulation Aspect: Frequency Modulation

Most frequency deviation: 5kHz =

remnant radiation: <-60dBm

preemphasis character: 6 dB per patch times more frequent

Emission current: = 800mA

Reception rooms:

Sensitivity: 0.16V <(12dB SINAD)

Silent sensitivity: 0.2V <

Intel modulation anti-interference: 50dB

Audio energy frequency: = 300mW

Retain Current: one hundred mA =

Waiting Silence: 20 mA

Computer software Contents:

1 x walkie-talkie

1 x reception Spy Equipment Wireless Headset

1 x small receiver box

1 x antenna

1 x assembling clip

1 x AC charger

1x Manual

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