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Warding of Landmark Forum Cult Allegations

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There is not a single concept that has been accepted without criticism. Inventors and researchers in historical days were criticized. Some were even sentenced to death for suggesting that the world was round. At the time, it was thought that the world was flat. By a similar token, Landmark forum has not without criticism. Critiques have pointed out on the possibility of a Landmark forum cult. Their arguments are that the courses brainwash people who are too naïve to notice this. However, the good news is that Landmark education has many proponents.

There is no clear indication of adverse effects of Landmark forum. Before joining this program, no one should coerce or force you. The decision should come from the heart. In order for this training to have any impact in your life, you need to have the right mental attitude. You must have gotten tired of your present situation. Landmark education, if well taken, can lead to positive changes in personal relationships. Your profession improves leading to more satisfaction from within. Life shifts from being a series of routine activities to being fulfilling.

Landmark education cult inferences are not something new. In France for instance, the training was shut down following misinformation and misinterpretation of its objectives. In other instances, allegations made against Landmark education have been successfully defended. These and other challenges have resulted in a review of Landmark forum courses. Scholars and educationists have been given this task in the quest for a more polished curriculum. This has resulted in a well received curriculum if the recent remarks are anything to go by.

This proves that the Landmark forum cult and brainwashing allegations have no basis. As a matter of fact, it has led to the endorsement of Landmark forum. People have the right to give opinions on anything and everything. Thus, the remarks and allegations will not stop coming. The question that still lingers on is whether Landmark education is worth all the money pay and effort put. The most popular comment has been that the sessions take too long.

A normal Landmark forum course takes three days. Every session is 13 hours long. There are breaks slotted in between. On average, a course starts at 9 am and goes all the way till 10 pm. In reality, this is a long time for one to be sitting and taking part in a presentation. College or university programs are not this long. Landmark education is structured like this so as to enable you beat the assigned time as set in the curriculum.

In order for Landmark education to work, you need to start applying the skills learnt. Course moderators coach participants rather than teach them. Teaching has the tendency of favoring one side, the one of the teacher. Landmark forum gives participants room to discover things for themselves. Methods used include storytelling, data analysis, observation and having participants share personal experiences. Through such methods, the attendees become part of the show by way of aggressive participation

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