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“People Like Us” is new drametical and comedy movie. It is directed by Alex Kurtzman. Movie is produced by Bobby Cohen, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Clayton Townsend.Watch online People Like Us movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX All Qualities are Here

Movie Review (Synopsis):

From DreamWorks Pictures comes People Like Us, a drama/comedy about family, inspired by true events, starring Chris Pine as Sam, a twenty-something, fast-talking salesman, whose latest deal collapses on the day he learns that his father has suddenly died. Against his wishes, Sam is called home, where he must put his father’s estate in order and reconnect with his estranged family. In the course of fulfilling his father’s last wishes, Sam uncovers a startling secret that turns his entire world upside down: He has a 30-year-old sister Frankie whom he never knew about (Elizabeth Banks). As their relationship develops, Sam is forced to rethink everything he thought he knew about his family-and re-examine his own life choices in the process.

A businessman (Chris Pine) discovers a ruinous family secret during a return trip home to attend the funeral of his estranged father. In the wake of this life-altering revelation, he embarks on a transformative journey that will forever alter the way he looks at life, love, and family. Star Trek screenwriter Alex Kurtzman makes his feature directorial debut with this heartfelt drama co-written by Roberto Orci and Jody Lambert, and featuring Elizabeth Banks

It tells the story of a struggling man (Chris Pine) who, after flying home to L.A. for the funeral of his estranged record-producer father, discovers that the will stipulates that he must deliver $150,000 in cash to a 30-year-old alcoholic sister (Elizabeth Banks) he never knew existed, and her troubled 12-year-old son.

People Like Us has a persuasive emotional pull at its heart that’s hard to deny. Playing half-siblings with absentee-father issues and major childhood baggage who meet for the first time as adults, Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks make the most of the sort of big-time emoting opportunities not normally available in their more customary action and comedy roles, respectively. This intimate story of troubled young souls would have felt more honest if handled in a simpler, quieter style, which suggests that the influences on first-time director Alex Kurtzman from having worked as a writer and in other ways on Transformers, Alias, Star Trek, Hawaii Five-0 and Cowboys & Aliens likely were more pernicious than beneficial. Still, he knows where the emotional truth lies in this quasi-autobiographical material and is able to deliver it, which should translate into people quite liking this DreamWorks/Touchstone/Disney entry upon its June release.

In competition with “Rock of Ages,” Sony Pictures this Friday will open “That’s My Boy,” a domestic comedy with Adam Sandler. In August that studio releases “Hope Springs,” “Sparkle” and “Premium Rush,” all fantasy-free stories set in the United States.

Warner will respond with “The Campaign,” a farce about a North Carolina political contest, on Aug. 10. In an e-mail last week, Mr. Soderbergh described Warner’s decision to acquire rights to “Magic Mike” and to give it wide release in fantasy season as “bold moves, in my view.” As for the studio’s thinking on the matter, Mr. Soderbergh referred questions to Warner executives, who declined to comment.

Most likely, the slightly heavier stream of American-focused stories this summer is a blip on the schedule, an accidental configuration that may not predict any long-term swing in studio thinking, which remains locked on the need for revenue from international markets.

These are the kinds of movies we started writing,” said Orci. “When we started writing out of high school, we wrote stuff about us and our families and our girlfriends. What we’re known for was a detour that we took to get back to this point. It’s a big detour, and I’ll take it as a detour.

Disney and DreamWorks are releasing “People” June 29 (“Magic Mike,” “Madea’s Witness Protection,” “Take This Waltz” and “Ted” also hit that weekend), and the studios have had the writer-director and stars Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks doing a pre-release tour of buzz screenings around the country. But Friday night was family night, and Kurtzman had his entire extended clan at the WP24 party at the Ritz Carlton. In a nifty extension of their collaboration, this was only because his writing partner gave him all of his family tickets.

Another impetus, said Mr. Kurtzman, who is 38, was a growing hunger among viewers of his own generation for studio-level pictures that are a shade less fantastic, and more like his own favorite films from Mr. Soderbergh, James Brooks or Cameron Crowe. All of them have told stories rooted in dilemmas that American viewers could readily recognize as their own.

Flashy doesn’t always equate to irritating though. The Queen of Versailles , a fascinating documentary from Lauren Greenfield is about Jackie Siegel, a 43-year-old former beauty queen and mother of seven, who you think you hate, but actually grow to like. Or at least tolerate, like a small yappy dog. Her husband David Siegel made billions in timeshare, and the pair set about building the biggest single family home in the US, inspired by Versailles. It grew to 90,000 square feet during planning but the economic crisis kicked in and their American dream turned into the proverbial nightmare. Although, don’t feel too sorry for them, they still have their “smaller” home. Greenfield summed it up nicely, “We could be a five-man crew in their 26,000 square feet house and still be a fly on the wall.”

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characters are playing roles as :

Chris Pine is playing as Sam
Olivia Wilde is playing as Hannah
Elizabeth Banks is playing as Frankie
Michelle Pfeiffer is playing as Lillian
Mark Duplass is playing as Ted
Jon Favreau is playing as Jim
Michael Hall D’Addario is playing as Josh
Phillip Baker Hall is playing as Ike Rafferty


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