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“Take This Waltz” is new comedy and drametical movie. It is directed and produced by Sarah Polley, Susan Cavan. Movie is written by Sarah Polley.Watch online Take This Waltz movie in Full HD/DVD/ipod/divX All Qualities are Here

Movie Review (Synopsis):

Margot (Michelle Williams) and Lou (Seth Rogen) qare a happily married couple living a quiet, comfortable existence. Their marriage is filled with love, companionship, and humor, but after years of being together, they have settled for contentment and security over excitement. Their life is thrown out of order when Margot falls in love with a handsome and charismatic neighbor (Luke Kirby), and she is forced to choose between the comfort of the familiar and the exhilaration of the unknown.

Writer-director Sarah Polley’s follow-up to her acclaimed debut feature Away From Her is a quirky, sexy, and uncommonly heartfelt look at the evolving nature of love and the difficulty of sustaining a relationship over time. Featuring wonderfully layered and deeply felt performances from its talented cast, including standout work from Sarah Silverman, Polley’s film offers a novel examination of love and marriage that feels utterly unique and honest. Prepare to be moved by this funny, bittersweet portrait of a flawed but thoroughly loveable woman who is doing her best to find joy in her life.

Movie is about a 28 year old freelance writer who lives in a charming house on a leafy street in the Little Portugal section of Toronto, as she struggles with and examines her feelings for Lou, her husband of five years, while exploring a new relationship with Daniel, an artist and rickshaw driver who lives across the street.

Michelle Williams has become Hollywood’s favorite unfulfilled pretty housewife. In Brokeback Mountain, she played the wife of Heath Ledger’s closeted gay cowboy; in Shutter Island, she played the ghost of a woman who’d given up on the world; and in Blue Valentine, she was the wife coming to grips with what marriage can become after the initial pangs of love. In director Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz, out June 29, she seems to be at it again, playing a conflicted wife tempted by the excitement of an extramarital affair after five years of numbing monotony with her comfortable husband, Seth Rogen.

Take This Waltz is that next film, and unfortunately it’s a bit of a sophomore slump. It tells the story of a seemingly happily married woman, Margot (Michelle Williams) who starts to develop feelings for an artist, Daniel (Luke Kirby), who lives across the street. What I was hoping for was the same honest and intimate look at infidelity that Polley gave to Alzheimer’s. But instead of something raw and natural this film is filled with clichés. It opens with an overwrought airport metaphor for Margot’s feelings on relationships. She is afraid of “connections” — connecting from one flight to another. But the metaphor becomes muddled. Is she afraid of the connection she feels for Daniel or is she afraid to truly make a connection to her husband Lou? It doesn’t help that we are given very little context to Margot and Lou’s history. We know they are in love because they constantly play silly games. Some are cute like a cold water gag Lou pulls in the shower. Others feel labored, like Margot’s constant baby talk. But this is all we really know about their relationship. That could very well be the point, that there isn’t much to the relationship. But if that’s the case what are the stakes of Margot cheating? As it stands there is no real tension or fear to the “affair” until over an hour in when Lou meets his neighbor Daniel for the first time.

Michelle Williams is equally disappointing. Over the last few years she has truly become one of my favorite actresses. She’s a joy to watch in films like Wendy and Lucy or Blue Valentine because of how effortless she plays the parts. How natural she is. Even as Marilyn Monroe Williams played her not as an impression but as a lived in character. That’s why it’s so shocking to see her play Margot with fidgety ticks and forced stammering. The casting of Seth Rogen as Lou is inspired but he’s given very little to do. Occasionally he lets out some familiar Seth Rogen-isms that feel out of a different film. Shockingly the best performance is Sarah Silverman as Margot’s sister in law. She is the only character that is truly honest about who she is. She gives an interesting albeit redundant speech in the film’s final act, which only serves to further hit us over the head with the story’s theme.

Romance movies rarely offer a look behind closed doors. They’ll show the couple on a pond ice skating in the winter or walking along the beach engaged in a conversation to define their relationship. But in this exclusive “Take This Waltz” clip, Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen mirror a married couple’s everyday tasks as they have a small bout, following a scene of intimacy.

Their flirtatious banter comes to a halt when Margot asks him not to kiss her and call her baby at the same time. Frustrated, Lou gets up and continues making breakfast as Margot sips her coffee apologizing. And there lies the crack in her life that Daniel (Luke Kirby) may be able to fill.

When Margot meets her neighbor Daniel, an artist and rickshaw driver, she quickly begins falling for him. Soon she gives into her desire to be close to him and starts exploring this new relationship—despite her reservations telling her to stay away.

The central character is Margot (Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine), a 28-year-old writer, though it isn’t clear what she has written, who meets the handsome Daniel (Luke Kirby, The Samaritan) on a flight back to Toronto. Having also crossed paths earlier that day, they share a conversation, and seem to connect after the initial awkwardness passes. Catching a cab together, Margot is surprised to learn that he lives across the street from her. It is clear that their chemistry is strong and intense but Margot suppresses her attraction because she is coming home to her husband Lou (Seth Rogen, Knocked Up), a cookbook writer, and a happy young marriage. But has their comfortable marriage, which to Lou and his supportive family idealistically eternal, become stagnant? Does Margot, who is discovering she is still coming-of-age in her late 20′s, feel like she is living the life she wants to lead? Consistent run-ins with Daniel – and eventually secret rendezvous – and mounting sexual tension and desire, aren’t going to help.

Due to the reserved originality of Polley’s storytelling technique, her well-established characters, and excellent performances (Michelle Williams is again outstanding) there are two very convincing relationships. Margot and Lou are so comfortable with one another that they have a childish way of conversing, and often find themselves wrestling on the floor, while Daniel tells Margot all she needs to know (though on one memorable occasion she wants to hear how he thinks about her) purely through the way he looks at her. It is a tragic unraveling and Margot has to come to terms with her own sought-after independence. She faces a phobia – connections; she craves attention and needs to feel connected to someone, but cannot handle the fear of being between desired connections – and is scared to leave Lou, but also miss out on a chance with Daniel.

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Characters are playing roles as :

Michelle Williams is playing as Margot
Seth Rogen is playing as Lou Rubin
Luke Kirby is playing as Daniel
Sarah Silverman is playing as Geraldine
Aaron Abrams is playing as Aaron Rubin
Raoul Bhaneja
Albert Howell
Diane Flacks
Diane D’Aquila


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