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Watch The Dictator 2012 Online Free

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The latest outing from Sacha Baron Cohen follows the experiences of an eccentric dictator named Aladeen (Baron Cohen) who strives to prevent democracy being introduced in his home country of Wadiya. After travelling to the US to make a speech he’s kidnapped, de-bearded and replaced by a brain-dead double. Breaking free, he’s taken in by a vegan, liberal activist (Faris), and begins to hatch a plan to prevent Wadiya becoming a democracy.There are some comical moments, such as Aladeen and a friend taking a helicopter ride with two American tourists and, while gesturing innocently, appear that they are about to commit a terrorist attack. However these brief flashes are not enough to save a disappointing third outing, which will survive primarily due to the kudos established by previous titles, and the hype Baron Cohen once again masterfully orchestrated. If another Baron Cohen character is created it will surely need more substance than The Dictator has to offer.
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The Dictator employs a screenplay so flummoxing it’s tricky to put derision into words. Less than three mildly intelligent (yet always offensive) political railleries sneak their way into a script (one being the events of Munich turned into a first-person-shooter Wii game) so stuffed with verbal violation it rarely gives audiences a chance to be shocked at the poor taste. None of it is the smarter satire, spoofing of relevant current events, or commentary on political and social arenas that frequent Cohen’s other works, or even the pure outrageousness of foreign miscommunications and rampant nudity. This is no Borat. Instead, we’re given either the extremely detestable jokes on terrorism, 9/11, bin Laden, abduction, rape, and torture, or visual yucks from childbirth, masturbating, and other bodily excretions. It’s rarely as much of an exhibition as it is plainly ridiculous.
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Comparisons of The Dictator to recent outings such as Borat and Bruno are slightly misleading. The genius of his previous work was melding bizarre fictional characters with unknowing bystanders. Using these exuberant creations, such as Borat, he was able draw reactions out of members of the public that were often shocking, and sometimes hilarious. This is not evident once in The Dictator, which moves away from away from the documentary style and feels like 83 minutes of filler, with no end reward. Instead the audience is subjected to what is in essence a very poor, gross-out comedy, which relies almost entirely on its ability to shock. It harks back to the Ali G IndaHouse era, which few will think of as Baron Cohen’s golden age.
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I usually avoid movies I know will be explicit and include crude humor because it’s just not my cup of tea. So, right off the bat I was expecting this movie to be absolutely horrible… I do not know if it was my low expectations before the screening, but I actually enjoyed this movie very much. In order to enjoy this movie, however, you do have to somewhat detach yourself from thinking too much into the wealth of racist and crude humor contained in the movie. Nevertheless, The Dictator is satire, it is a movie making fun of the real world, and if you let it be, it makes you aware (while laughing) at the racist thoughts and stereotypes ordinary people have everyday. Yes, it has its strange and explicit scenes, but overall, I think it has substance and it was very funny. Put your “Victorian” influences aside for a night and have a good laugh. Watch it.


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