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Ways To Add Appeal To Real Estate Buyers

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When we are in the process of finding a home to buy, and we see one that has a beautifully tended garden and manicured lawns, we automatically assume the home must be well cared for and loved as well. This creates a very good first impression and makes us eager to see the rest of the property because we feel we have entered a magical gateway to Shangri La, idyllic and restful. If the rest is as good as what we first saw it can be a matter of love at first sight. This is how we want prospective buyers to feel when we are selling our home.

Everything you can see between the footpath and the front door dictates the good or bad impression of the potential customer. Ensure your fence is not needing attention, mow lawns and keep gardens weed free. First impressions last and are often remembered by potential home buyers. Repair fences (painting where necessary) and make sure that pathways are in good order and safe to avoid accidents to those inspecting your home. Make sure this area will make buyers want to see more. After all you want your buyers to agree that the property appraisal has been correctly given.

Real estate can offer helpful advice on ways that will help buyers see your home in the most favourable light, such as making sure the outside walls are clean. If walls look grubby or in need of painting it will hardly create enthusiasm in the potential buyer. Ensure the front door does not jam, and swings freely on it’s hinges without squeaking. Once inside, the smell of the home often makes the first touch to the buyers senses before the visual designs are actually noticed. Make sure it is fresh and well aired, and brew a pot of coffee while baking bread. This environment can make a buyer feel like they are already at home.

And since not all people will like your color preferences, always choose neutral colors when selling homes. Cluttered rooms are also very off putting, and make them look small. Get rid of clutter and arrange furniture in a way that gives a more spacious appearance and keep wardrobe contents tidy. Keep the kitchen benches free of clutter, with perhaps a plate of fresh baked biscuits next to a pot of freshly brewed coffee. Make sure the bathroom is spotless as well as the rest of the home, then greet your agent and prospective buyers. These pieces of advice guarantee a much higher probability of delivering a successful sale.


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  • Posted On June 26, 2012
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