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Ways to begin communication

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Boys are always looking for different ways to start conversation with a cool girl.
In this article I will show three distinctive modes to pick up girls and even get their phone number, email address or messenger id.

1) Direct Pick-up. When you observe a girl you , go to her and start conversation with something like this i like you i want to know you better. If she’s interested will maintain the discussion. If not go to next. Also you should not bother what others say, and location should not be a problem whether you are on the shop, bus, street and so on. Do not miss any chance. However, this tactics is not recommended for novice because you must have courage and confidence. Results will appear only when you get practice and direct pick-up will be something simple and ordinary. But by this way you acquire really good results and satisfying but preferably will have to work hard.

2) Social network Pick-up. If you want to use this way you need to shoot some cool photos with you then upload them to one of the hundreds of social network sites and start fight to gain a phone number or messenger id from girls you like and want to know better. This method is a lot easier than the previous but still not so easy as it sounds. Why? Imagine that you find a girl with superb pics that you like. You send a message. If she already received dozens or even hundreds of messages like yours could avoid you because she is bored of the same texts. So you have to be particular and she will present importance for you.

3) Yahoo messenger pick-up. In this method you need to sign up for an yahoo messenger account and start looking messenger id sites. An example of a site with yahoo messenger id is id fete olt. Here you will find thousands of boys and girls messenger id and pictures. This method is very easy to know new girls because many persons who upload their messenger id will be excite to know new peoples.You just need to collect some ids that you find interesting and add them to your messenger list and start conversation. This way is splendid for any novice, you almost no have to do nothing, and the results can be more than satisfactory. On a quick search on id fete you will get hundreds results with messenger sites. A new website with new yahoo messenger id is id fete potcoava

Depending on your level of training you adopt the plan that fits you best and that you think that brings the best results. Act now!



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  • Posted On March 17, 2012
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