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Ways to Carry Out a Tantra Lingam Massage

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There are near about countless body massages available in various spas and parlors that endow you with splendid physical gains and health benefits. On the other hand, there are some massages that are subjected to be a route through mysticism and consequently termed to be a platform that discovers and differentiates the soul and the self.
One such massage is known as lingam or you can say tantra lingam massage. It was known to be a part of religious studies and its roots are in India. This massage was originated nearly 4000 years ago and was considered as an enthusiastic way of living and celebrating the union of two bodies. It was just not the union of body, but also the heart, soul and mind. Now days this massage is practiced in the form of yoga and the masters have been subjecting this to be the suitable cure for the men who suffer from impotence and urinary incontinence. There are no benefits that relate to size gains.
Many practitioners and masters or professionals have regarded this massage as the suitable substitute remedy for treating impotence issues arising from early ejaculation. If you are on a hunt for this kind of tantra massage then you must have realized that, it is not easily available in every spa and massage parlor. There are rare qualified spa centers that provide with this rare form of massage therapy. Usually, during the entire process, the pressure is applied on man’s genital and various other deep tissues. As soon as the pressure is applied, the tissues start manipulating when the exertion reaches the extreme points. Reflexology technique is followed and proper caution is to be taken while executing the massage. Reflexology practice is taken into account because it incorporates various benefits like
• Proper blood circulation
• Reducing stress level
• Proper stimuli to immune system
• Motivating the nerve functioning
• Fortifying mind and body
The receiver is asked to lie on his back with soft pillows and cushions under his head. Apart from this, a cushion is positioned under his hips in order to raise the hips and accordingly legs are spread and knees are partially bent. During the process, the receiver ought to be calm and tension free, so he is taught some breathing exercises. Massage oil is applied and gentle massage is given firstly on legs. Continuous deep breathing is to be carried on and after a sufficient massaging is done then a person can suitably experience union of body and soul. Thus, lingam massage will not just cure your health issues but even endow with relaxing and stress free life. You’ll enjoy the benefits and other rejuvenating rituals of the tantra massage.
There are certain rules that are to be followed by the person who is engaging himself in this type of tantra massage. Chemical loaded oils and other cheap organic chemical lotions are not part of the massage. There are centers that have incorporated qualified therapist and would use lotions and oils that are made up of herbs. These products have no side effects and directly benefit you.


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