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Wear Memories With Fingerprint Jewellery

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Children when born are small angels in our hands. Fingerprint Bracelet They bring so much delight to us that you want to keep these memories as it is forever. Why children, even our loved ones such as our parents, grandparents etc; their memories seem to be a part of who we are as well as our thinking. By the means of traditional jewellery keepsakes may not be possible. But with the advent of technology into the world of ornaments, you can get fingerprint jewellery custom made by the company Pastel Print. This is your unique way of ensuring that the fingerprints of your child or your loved ones are forever with you as fingerprint bracelet or any other viable form.

Wear people prints:

Wearing people prints such as their fingerprints or their footprints is akin to cherishing each milestone of their life. This is basically the sentiment behind the formations of fingerprint jewellery. These exquisite pieces are the best when it comes to gifting.In fact, nothing could be better than personalized bespoke jewellery which has a craftsmanship par excellence. Pastel Print makes the entire task of making such personalized items such as fingerprint necklace.

The best aspect of this type of Fingerprint Jewellery is that each piece is unique in nature. Therefore, there are all diverse and varied pieces.The concept may be same but each time you get it made, the results will be different. Wearing fingerprint bracelet is a lot like wearing a charm bracelet.The only differentiating factor being that this time your fingerprint jewellery charms are made up from imprints of people you love the most.In short, it is a fine piece of jewellery.

We all love our children, parents etc. But to wear their memories in the form of a fingerprint necklace is like being with them all the time. It is like carrying their ‘touch’ with you all the time wherever you go. The process of getting one is really simple and Pastel Print brings to you an entire range of bespoke items which is not only for personal use but also for gifting others. In short, these personalized items of ornamental nature such as fingerprint bracelet are not only unique but are also an innovative idea of making sure that the imprints of a person are there with you throughout, forever.



PastelPrint is a leading UK Fingerprint Bracelet company and prides itself in providing top customer service and excellent quality of personalised items, as endorsed by the Guild of Master Craftsmen. We have been trading for over 5 years and are one of the original fingerprint jewellery companies in the UK, offering mail order (UK and international) as well as personal visits and sales in the Richmond/Twickenham (London/Surrey) area.


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