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Wear Your Police and Fire Fighter Badges with Pride

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Becoming a police officer or firefighter, you deserve so many recognition you can get. Inside, you are in the right place you’ve got it with these police and fire fighter badges. Showing your badge identifies you as a person serving the legal system. You can wear our badges with pride, understanding that you own a quality, USA-made piece.

When you dress with or show your police badge, it provides only the professional recognition and identifies you as an officer of one’s law. At, we offer a few badges ideal for police, protective and defence forces. Choose your badge and be certain your profession, personality and enthusiasm for your own personal post shine through. Customize your badge to include a fresh dimension to your current uniform and take pride in understanding that section of the responsibility of maintaining law inquire about rests on your shoulders.

While it isn’t crucial for fire fighters to transport badges, possessing a badge identifies you becoming a member of a quality professional department serving your state. Choose from many designations, ranks and symbols that will showcase both your position currently being a community leader and your personality. Visit to choose from many different designs and show your badge with pride!

Choose whether ready-made badge or possibly a custom badge based upon your needs and preferences. The reason for your badge will just be offer information about the designation and also other relevant professional tips on the law enforcement force or fire department your work for. Others will easily recognize you, and that is crucial in maintaining your position. According to your respective force or department, your badge will incorporate a blend of relevant engravings, logos and symbols.

Choose between numerous popular designs, including Ovals, Eagle-Top Shields, and Eagle over Circle, Shields, Sunbursts, Multiple-Point Stars, Maltese Crosses, etc… Each badge is finished with electroplating of gold, nickel, rhodium or other finishes. The finish will depend on the kind of identity and designation your force or department wishes to project. For added effect, there could be a blend of finishes and designs.

Purchase one of your badge cases and badge wallets, created using custom cut-outs suit badge perfectly to obtain the full package. Along with police and fire fighter badges; there also are sheriff badges which you ll find are commonly 5-point stars, 6-point stars, and 7-point stars; Private Investigator badges, security badges and bail enforcement agent badges. Visit our website to view a full selection.

Your personality and enthusiasm by your job will certainly shine through with these quality, USA-made police and firefighter badges. Identification is definitely one of the most imperative functions of a badge therefore we take pride in understanding that we play a little a role in protecting communities within the State and Canada.

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