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Web Conferencing Software Has Made Business Easier And Faster!

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Technology has helped businesses in overcoming all the geographical barriers in establishing relationships. Travelling is no more the only option available in conducting meetings and conferences. With web conferencing, you can host or attend meetings right at your desktop, saving you time, money and all the travelling hassles.

With the help of web conferencing software, people sitting at different parts of the world can interact via a computer with internet connection. The moderator initiates an online meeting and sends out invitation email to attendees. The web conference can include approximately 15 participants at a time. In case of emergency, a group meeting online can be set up within minutes. Colleagues at different locations can log in to the meeting, share documents, upload graphics, exchange opinions and see each other’s facial expressions real time. Every individual gets an opportunity to participate and help in the decision making process. For every business, it is essential to convey all the rules, regulations and train the employees as per the company standards. With online training software, companies can train employees who are not physically in one location easily. The biggest advantage of the online meetings is that they can be recorded and stored for future reference. It is not necessary that the person is present at that particular location during the meeting and thus saves on travelling cost and time. The major pre-requisite for operating web conferencing software and alike, is just a normal computer with a smooth internet connection, plus a web camera if you want to do video chats.

Many businesses can conduct seminars or sales presentations through group meeting online. Thus management can manage business located in different parts of the world while sitting at one place. To ensure security of such meetings, the moderator can set a password known only to the colleagues joining the online meeting. During such meetings, the moderator can transfer files, folders and all other documents so as to support the presentation.

01com has a very cost-effective web conferencing and online meeting solution. It is not necessary for all the attendees to have similar software installed; and one licence can be shared by several within the company.

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