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Wedding Cards for different religion

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Wedding Invitation Card hold a great importance in an Indian Wedding. A wedding is an incomplete event without proper wedding invitation card. The guests should be cordially invited to your wedding event to bless the bride and groom for living a happy married life. The bride and groom want to create the wedding card in the most exact way matching their requirements. It has much influence as a well designed wedding invitation card makes your marriage a remarkable event.

There are several choices in invitation cards which differ as per the different cultures of the families of the bride and groom.  The features of Muslim wedding invitation card will be different from the features Hindu wedding invitation card.

Similarly the content of Christian wedding invitation card will distinct from the Jain wedding invitation card or. It’s not matter which kind of invitation, every wedding invitation card must exhibit the right design and right color to show how the individual culture is important for us.

There is detailed information of all the hindu wedding ceremony mentioned in hindu wedding invitation cards, inviting the respected friends and families to join the event. Visit our section of Hindu Wedding Cards which contain auspicious signs of Hindu religion

Sikh wedding invitation cards also have their exclusive style. The Sikh people are very religious in nature and their invitation cards thus show their religious Zeal. We have the sikh cards which consist of symbol of ek onkar enhance the beauty of their wedding cards and ask for God’s blessing on the most promising day of wedding.

In Jain community in India, jain wedding cards are also popular. Our Jain wedding invitation cards also include some other symbols of jain tradition such as that of palm, wedding pageant, curves, Swastika sign as well as sketch of the bride and groom. Our Jain Cards are also decorated with respected signs of Jain tradition

Muslim wedding cards also plays an equal importance in India as it express the respect they are having for their honored guests as well as for their religions. Browse through our wide variety of Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards that are brilliantly created enlightening their faith in Islam.

Parsi Wedding Invitation cards also show the lavishness of their own culture. There are wide array of Zoroastrian wedding invitation cards available on our site which entirely meant for the Parsis having different colors, printing, wordings and styles.

Apart from these religious wedding invitation cards, we also have theme based Indian Wedding Cards that will enhance the grandeur of your wedding in an impressive way. Contact us on  for any query related to your wedding planning.




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