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Wedding Planners In Delhi : A Historical Perspective

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Whether you are looking the Best wedding Planner 2012 in Delhi? Wedding planners have become popular as more people as more people are doing their Planners research online. Weddings ceremonies in Delhi are popularly known for lots of exciting rituals and practices that have to be performed on the day of marriage. 

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Your Wedding is the most important day of your life and you surely would want everything to go just perfect. Wedding planners are a relatively new breed that have emerged on the Indian social scene a couple of decades back.

Post urbanization when people started migrating from villages to cities, the joint family system began to disintegrate and nuclear families emerged. Joint families by default provided a lot of manpower and know how when it comes to organizing events like weddings and similar such ceremonies. But with the emergence of nuclear families, this support system evaporated and people started looking for expert guidance when it comes to organizing the most important events of their lives. Hoteliers and caterers who were already in the wedding business started cashing on this boom and started offering wedding planning and management services to people at affordable prices.

Some enterprising individuals jumped on this opportunity and floated niche outfits offering wedding planning and management services. Given the low entry barriers in this business when it comes to investments, most planners set up shop making it a win –win situation for both consumers and planners. The wedding planners got the business of high net worth nuclear families and in return offered expert advice, guidance and manpower to ensure a smooth and flawless event.

Indians have traditionally been high spenders when it comes to weddings. Unlike the west where people follow a more pragmatic approach when it comes to spending at such events. For Indians an extravagant wedding is a symbol of economic might and a tool for display of one’s wealth. Wedding planners do brisk business in Delhi, given the high concentration of Punjabis in the city who have traditionally been high spenders when it comes to the weddings of their children.

Wedding planners help their clients to divert their resources judiciously so as to make the right impact on their friends and business associates. Right from venue selection to the choice of caterer including decoration, photography, transport and post/pre-wedding functions these planners will do it all for you in return for a modest fee. All you need to do is to relax and entertain your guests while they take care of the rest.

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