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Weight Loss program with the help of VLCD

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In today’s life three things are very important this is often not taken seriously by us – health, fitness and weight control. We need to devote some time to keep ourselves healthy and fit. People suffering from obesity often think that dieting and exercising would help them in losing excess weight. But before going into a diet a proper diet plan should be made. Some dieting basics are as follows:

1.       Calorie intake should be reduced

2.       Improve the metabolism

3.       Consumption of fat

4.       Digestion improvement

Dieting involves a smart and healthy food habit, that is:

a)      Heavy breakfast

b)      Moderate lunch

c)       Light dinner

The breakfast is the heaviest of all because it gives us the energy required for the whole day. In the morning the body is highly active and requires a lot of energy. A moderate lunch helps to retain energy for the remaining day. Dinner should be the lightest of all because not much activity is done during the night.

Here are few measures, if followed, one can stay fit:

i)                           Monday should be the starting day of a new diet plan since it is the first working day of the week, then the diet can be maintained for rest of the week quite easily.

ii)                          Some form of health and fitness exercises should be introduced to each of the family members. One could try some cardio exercises like running, swimming etc. Sprinting or power running also helps in burning the fat out.

iii)                         Introduce a diet plan for the whole family. This keeps everyone motivated and sets a lifestyle for everyone.

iv)                         Include a lot of fibrous food in the diet. Mainly the vegetables and fruits containing more fiber are suitable for good metabolism or digestion. Proteins and carbohydrates are also important as one builds muscles and other one keeps up the energy.

v)                          Drinking at least two liters of water is a must. It keeps the body hydrated, metabolism in proper order. It also burns the excess fat in the body.

There is another solution for an obese patient is to go for very low calorie diet program or VLCD program. It may be a bit expensive and time consuming. But in the end of the program the results would speak for itself. This diet generally consists of liquid meals, which contains all essential nutrients. It comprises of a range of 1000-1800 calories per day. An expert practitioner or a doctor can prescribe the diet plan for the patients depending upon the health condition of the patient. An expert dietician or a medical practitioner decides the diet chart on the basis of patient’s food habit, food preparation, nutritional sufficiency, exercise, food share capability and other relevant factors. The patient may start feeling hungry, in that case the patient have to satisfy himself with low calorie food like vegetables, black tea/coffee or sugar free beverage. VLCD is mainly for severely obese patients for short term weight loss. This program guarantees to reduce weight by 3-5 pounds per week. VLCD along with exercise can offer a long term benefit on weight control for obese patients. Though, Very Low Calorie Diet Plan is not suitable for everyone. The person with BMI less than thirty is not recommended to go for VLCD. It is not a right program to attend for pregnant woman, children, old people, that the age over 50, because of medical complications. There are few side effects of this program, like constipation, irregular periods for women, anemia, dry skin and hair, depression and gallbladder disease. So, one must be careful before going for a VLCD program. Honestly speaking when one finishes this dietary program, there is a possibility of regaining weight. But it is important keep up with the good work even after finishing the program, like regular exercising and maintaining a proper food habit.

Keeping feet with Low calorie diet   is easiest way to lose weight and least time taking, but it is important to follow a proper balance diet and with some light of physical exercise which will help to keep the result stay long.


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