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Welding jobs

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Welding job holders are many a times classified as skilled workmen as such jobs do need special training and expertise. Professionally capable and skilled welders work from blueprints and to other pre-determined provisions. They are completely aware of the welding properties of different kinds of metals and the varying techniques required for welding them.
Because of the technological boom, these welders even rely on computers and robots to weld metal pieces to accuracy. Less experienced welders work on projects that hardly call for advanced skills like common types of fabrication. They mostly deal with repetitive work in developed units that don’t need any special knowledge of welding properties.
There are several methods of welding that draw on either electricity or various gases to produce the required levels of heat to bond the metals. Arc welding, which can be done manually or with the aid of a machine, is the most common method. Use of gas is another form of common welding.
Considering the educational qualifications necessary to pursue a career in welding, a high school diploma with mathematics, physics, mechanical drawing and principles of electricity will be useful. Though this qualification cannot be estimated as essential as a basic knowledge of computer and functioning of robots will be helpful for advancing your career.
Apart from the educational training and professional experience, an aspiring welder should possess sound health, physical agility, sharp eyesight, and excellent hand-eye coordination.
As regards wages, the most recent prevailing standard norms are:
• Hourly Rate $13.40 – $19.41
• Overtime $19.79 – $29.26
There are recruiters who also offer:
• Bonus $248.73 – $1,511
• Profit Sharing $496.27 – $2,057
There could also be income in the form of tips, commissions and cash incentives. Obviously the salary/wages will vary depending on the location and the range of the employer.
Underwater welders and those who are well-qualified and satisfactorily experienced in complex forms of welding and those who examine welds, or train welding earn more money than people who do routine Welding jobs.
Construction organizations and manufacturing firms offer plenty of employment opportunities for welders.Many night jobs opportunity is also available for welders.Local union offices or state employment agencies suggest directions about training and job openings for welders. Newspaper classified ads and Internet job banks are also tremendous sources of information for people wishing to get on a welding career.
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