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Western Digital Elements 2TB – An Excellent Desktop Hard Drive

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The Western Digital Elements 2TB is an excellent desktop hard disk with lots of storage capacity for your films, pictures, audio tracks, and other important data. It runs using USB 2.0 and is functional with both Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh (however you have to reformat it should you need to connect it to a Macintosh).

The harddrive’s form factors (physical features) are very suitable for a desktop device. Its dimensions are 7 ” x 4.9 inches x 1.4 “, consequently it offers a compact footprint. Weight is just not a challenge with a desktop harddrive. At a whopping 2.2 lbs, it’s not particularly challenging to move. The external casing is made with plastic – not exactly the strongest of materials. However considering that it’s a desktop device as opposed to one you’re going to be physically transporting a great deal, it isn’t really a problem. You need to look at a portable hard drive should you have that need.

The external drive is reasonably quiet and does not overheat like a lot of external drives on the market. You do need a separate electrical cord along with the USB cable. There isn’t an electrical button, but the drive has a number of features intended to help save energy.

#1 – Whenever you turn off your laptop, the hard drive powers down also.

2) It has a “sleep mode”.

3) The Power adapter is EnergyStar-compliant.

Most folks are pleased that the hard disk drive doesn’t have resident file backup programs. It’s possible that your OS incorporates backup utilities that work fine. Plus for anybody who is using this drive with a digital recorder as opposed to a PC, back up utilities are not needed.

Every drive includes a Quick Install Manual to help you in hooking up the hard disk to your PC, although it includes little over and above this primary explanation. Which is fine, since the hard disk is “plug and play”. You can find a lot more info on The manufacturer’s official web site.

The conventional warranty for the Western Digital Element carries an one year duration, whereas some other hard disks in WD’s inventory carry longer warranties. You’re alone if you lose data – the warranty doesn’t have any stipulations for data recovery.

Capacity-wise, 2 Terabytes is definitely a good size. It will store a lot of audio, video, and several other types of data files. If a hard drive with a smaller amount of storage capability is more suitable to your needs, a smaller Element is offered. Or if perhaps 2 Terabytes will not be adequate, you may go larger. Since external drives generally come with some resident programs, the capacity will always be somewhat below what is advertised, consequently keep this in mind when you try to determine how much space you’ll require.

Before you save all your data files on a new hard drive, you’ll want to perform a quick test to make sure the external drive is functional. Be sure the most basic functions (read, write, delete) work successfully with a couple of test files. Western Digital produces excellent products, nevertheless there will almost always be the infrequent lemon. You can possibly save yourself a lot of grief with this fast and simple test.

To always keep your information safe and sound, invest some time exploring options prior to making a finalized ordering selection. But you can feel confident that the Western Digital Elements 2TB is a good option.

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