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What are Reasons for Divorce?

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Divorce happens for a wide range of reasons. There is some research that shows what the main reasons seem to be as to why people get a divorce. Many couples will consider marriage counseling before moving to the option of divorce. For some, this will work, and they may be able to save their marriage. For others, this is just another stepping stone on the way.

Below are listed what statistics show to be the main reasons for divorce:

* Infidelity — this is also known as ‘cheating’. This is at the top of the list of reasons for getting a divorce. This is considered a break in the mutually agreed on boundaries that couples have in relationships. The term is not said, but is assumed that it will be honored by each other. This seems to be the number one reason in more than just the United States.

* Breakdown in communication — many will say that the relationship was failing because they just could not communicate with each other. Having open communication with each other does not mean that you agree with everything each other says, but making your position clear to each other. When this is not able to be done the ties seem to break down, and the two decide on divorce.

* Abuse — this could be emotional, psychological, or physical abuse. There are many forms of abuse, and physical abuse is not the biggest reason for deciding to leave. When a partner hears that they are not wanted, that they are worthless, restricted to their room, being ignored, or even having phone calls monitored these are all forms of abuse.

* Financial issues — money and things that are related to it are always a place of conflict between couples. Financial issues can arise whether the couple is happy or not. This is usually not the sole reason for a divorce, but it is usually combined with others. People feeling that they are contributing more than their share or that the other partner is not contributing enough is a fairly common characteristic.

* Boredom in a marriage — there are times when couples do get bored with each other. The lifestyle can also become something that may get to the point after several years of marriage to be too much of the ‘same old thing.’ Couples may try to spark some new interests to keep things lively, and from getting bored with each other, this doesn’t always work.

* Children — couples have had children and then cannot agree on how they should be raised. This is low on the list but, it also is a critical issue in getting a divorce, especially in the custody and support aspect afterward.

There are many reasons for divorce, listed above are just a few. When people become a couple and get married they may after even just a short time have any of the issues above, or others that end up in deciding to end the relationship in divorce. Divorce is the end result in the many problems that can occur in a marriage.

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