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What are the things that you should know before you buy colloidal silver

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Nowadays, colloidal silver is considered as an effective health product which is able of curing various diseases. This particular product assists the immune system offering anti-bacterial advantages and it also includes silver’s nano particles which are suspended in the pure water. It is a bioactive product as when used in enough concentration may control and destroy harmful viruses responsible for causing diseases. The microscopic silver’s particles can prove helpful to change and get rid of various viruses, bacteria and microbes which can cause AIDS, cancer and leukemia.      

Before you buy colloidal silver, there are some things that you should follow. Let us discuss them –

a) You should try to find premium materials which can be easily found at well-known health shops. You as a customer have to search for distilled water and silver. Silver particles can be extremely tiny, so that they can easily blend with the water in order to produce rewarding results.   

b) Make sure that colloidal silver is pure, there should be no additional constituents or avoidable protein additives. This is the reason that stabilizers, flavors and chemicals should not comprise the mix. It has to taste just like ordinary water with a hint of metallic taste as it is small quantity of silver’s nano particles in the water.     

c) You have to make sure that the product is stable so that there is no need for refrigeration. If you see labels which say, keep refrigerated, and then you can be rest assured that it is a product having low quality. If it is made with pure and de-ionized water, where the silver acts as anti-bacterial, there is no chance that the products will degrade even they are stored for longer time period.  

d) You have lots of choices both in the market and on the web world; it is advisable that you should contact genuine dealers who are having rich experience in this field. You will come across the colloidal silver having green or yellow color, but if they don’t have added chemicals then they would surely have the same effect. You can easily get these supplements in green, amber and blue colored bottles. 

When you buy colloidal silver, it can prove beneficial for preventing various skin infections which include – skin infections, scratches and burns. So, all you need is to keep in mind the above mentioned things before purchasing colloidal silver.


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  • Posted On August 4, 2012
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