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What are the Types Of Screening to Detect Cancer?

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There are numerous types and cases of cancer that may be discovered just before they cause symptoms. Some people, who suddenly found out that they have cancer were just having their standard checkups when identified as such. Checking for cancer or for those conditions that can result in cancer on people who show no symptoms at all is known as screening.

Why do doctors conduct cancer screenings?
Screenings are helpful to a lot doctors to help them find and handle cancer as early as you possibly can. “Prevention is better than cure” – because of this, many doctors require their patients to undergo the same to identify any type of disease or cancer quickly.

Usually, in any type of case, preventing the source could make life easier for you and less unpleasant if discovered as soon as possible.

Screening for certain forms of cancer
1.    Breast cancer – The screening methods requires clinical breast examinations by which doctors and nurses examine the patient’s breasts to detect lumps. There is mammography along with other types of examinations in which, when detected early, can help treatment of breast cancer.

2.    Cervical cancer – The screening methods of cancer treatment centers for cervical cancer includes Pap tests and HPV tests. A pap test for all women stresses the message that regular Pap testing may prevent cervical cancer. Pap tests were designed to see if a woman’s cervix begins to change and look abnormal. Pap tests checks all cells and cell changes brought on by HPV that could lead to cancer.

3.    Colon cancer – The screening methods of cancer treatment centers for colon cancer or rectal changes includes laboratory examinations including fecal occult blood tests, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy. Participating in such examinations can help your doctors discover any pre cancerous polyps which may be removed easily.

Types of screening tests
1.    Imaging tests
2.    Laboratory tests

Imaging tests – is one of the best ways to see what’s going on within a patient’s body. These tests send forms of energy including x-rays, sound waves, radioactive particles plus some magnetic fields through your body to make body tissues create an image or pictures. These pictures will show the body structure and its particular functions as well as the abnormal ones caused by illnesses like cancer.

Laboratory tests – is a medical procedure which involves testings that may need your blood, urine along with other types of substance from your body. These examinations can help ascertain a diagnosis, decide on a treatment and check if the treatment will work and keep track of the disease (if there is) over time. Once again, these types of test were intended to determine any abnormality to the cells within your body and the likes.


Cancer treatment centers may have you undertake many treatments and exams to see any abnormalities inside your body. There may be a lot of blood, a large bag of urine and the likes that will probably be requested from you in order to keep an eye on your disease (if there is any). These examinations were intended to aid you and move you away from any kind of cancer. Again as the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”.


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