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What Do You Get With Horizontal Cloud Solutions

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Cloud based solutions and services are the flavors of the season, and there is no second thought about this fact. However, the question about which is the better option between horizontal cloud solutions and vertical cloud solutions, continues to bother the majority. As both the genres continue to argue on their strong points, both seem to be good in their own perspective. However, the horizontal cloud solutions, with which the Cloud Computing Solutions and services began their journey, still seem to offer popular, cost-effective and multi-dimensional solutions and services to the enterprises, irrespective of their industry verticals.

Unlike horizontal cloud services, the vertical solutions mainly focus on industry specific functionality, and hence lack the versatility of horizontal solutions. Though the vertical solutions are arguably built to meet the specific needs of a particular industry, they fail to address the different requirements of the multiple facets of the same enterprise. Moreover, they also cost more as compared to horizontal solutions, as they are custom built to meet industry specific needs for functionality and operation. On the other hand horizontal cloud solutions are multi-faceted, can easily be customized to meet the different requirements of varied departments and are relatively cheaper in comparison to their vertical counterparts. 

With the passage of time, the horizontal cloud solutions are evolving for better. The horizontal solutions are getting more innovative and are offering industry specific versions of their solutions. This way, they are greatly customizing their solutions and services to accommodate the industry specific requirements, and at the same time, are able to meet the requirements of the heterogeneous systems, basically because they are generic in nature. In fact, several mature horizontal cloud solution providers are including varied functions, which were previously available only in the vertical solutions. This welcome change has made the horizontal cloud solutions all the more appealing along with their cost advantage.

Another major advantage of horizontal cloud offerings is that, here the users get to share both the application cost and the infrastructure cost, which enable the smaller organizations to easily capture and share information across the organization.  With software being offered as a service or hosted application, smaller organization can now afford to demand better and comprehensive functionality than ever before.

Considering the rapid growth in the cloud technology, in the coming days, one can expect hundreds of cloud providers competing to offer services and thousands of subscribers deciding to opt for the cloud services that are capable of running their complex, heterogeneous are Cloud Computing Applications platform. In such a case, horizontal cloud services and solutions are the way to go, with their in-built heterogeneous and dynamic nature. Any technology evolves with time, and so does the cloud technology and horizontal cloud solutions. Looking at the growing popularity of the cloud technology, cost effectiveness and highly customizable cloud modules that fit in the heterogeneous enterprise environments are the most promising avenues that people would look forward to. Thus horizontal cloud solutions hold the promise for both today and tomorrow, in comparison to the vertical cloud solutions, which are intrinsically static and homogeneous in nature.

One such popular company with a thoughtful horizontal cloud solution offering, with different integrated modules is Averiware Inc. The company is offering smart cloud solutions for varied modules that generally form the integral part of any enterprise. From Supply Chain, Customer Relationship Management, and Accounting & Financial, to Sales Force Automation, Human Resources, and Point of Sale, Averiware offers comprehensive and well-integrated horizontal cloud solutions. The Averiware solution has double-sided benefits of cost advantage and complete visibility of organization-wide operations. With a flexible pricing model, Averiware gives one, the freedom to choose the modules they want and also offers complete business solution, which is priced as low as $49.50/user per month. For more details, visit

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  • Posted On June 27, 2012
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