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What does real roadworthiness mean?

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Well, roadworthiness is a combination of different elements that make your journey safer and therefore also the others who travel on the same roads.


Roadworthiness at its simplest form means that you are sober, you are awake, you have a drivers license, you have a good car and safe tires. These are the basic elements that you really should fulfil every time you enter the roads with a car.


When you have fulfilled these requirements you now that you are safe and other people on the road can also be safe.


Choosing a safe tire (in Finnish: turvallinen rengas) is a trick that everyone should learn. With tires it is kind of funny because they are the only part touching the ground all the time while you are driving and still people don’t pay too much attention into tires and their condition.


It all starts from choosing a tire. You should think about which type of situations or seasons you are going to enter with the tires. If you know that you drive a lot and there is common to have a lot of rain in this area, you should definitely put some effort in finding tires that suits the wetter and does not get you into waterslide easily. Waterslide is almost as dangerous as black ice.


You should also consider the brand when choosing the tires. For example Nokian Renkaat have been pioneering to have the safest tires in the world and you cand find so much information about their products and safety on the roads.


If you are even a bit unsure about the roadworthiness of your tires or if you know that you need new ones for new season you can always pop-by at your local Vianor shop. These people are trained to tell you what kinds of tires you need for your car. You can also always be sure that the tires are installed properly and that they still have many miles to go when you visit Vianor.


Remember that being roadworthy is not only about you. It is about the others as well. The people who are driving with you and the people that drive on the same roads depend on your roadworthiness.


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