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What Features Makes Android Nougat More Popular Over Android Marshmallow

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After the huge success of Marshmallow, Google  started working on its new Android Android Nougat. Android Marshmallow 6.0 was the past variant of android which was launched in the month of November 2015. Android Nougat is the latest android  and also has launched now but it is not available for all the smartphones now, will be available soon.

Android users will see a little contrast between Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Android Nougat. There are a great deal of new things that Google has included Android N. It will give more control on the phone and it will likewise enhance the execution by giving them another UI. Taking after are the key contrasts between Android Nougat and Android Marshmallow as far as elements:

Android Nougat and Android Marshmallow : Multi Window Support

Multiple window support is one of the best feature of Android Nougat. Multitasking support has at long last landed on android, now an android client can see apps in a split screen. In Android N, a user can watch a video while utilizing another app in the meantime. Google has made this change in Android N over Android M since this element was not available in Android Marshmallow.

Reply In A Notification Panel

Another change which Google has made in Android Nougat is to reply in a notice board. In Android N, Users can specifically react to messages from inside the notification banner. At the point when a client gets another message, it will appear in a notice board and it will permit users to answer without switching the application and can backpedal to what he was doing some time recently. This feature was likewise not accessible in Android Marshmallow.

Enhanced Doze Mode

Battery issue is the most widely recognised issue confronted by all android users however now Google has guaranteed to unravel it by expanding the standby time and by shutting down background apps. In Android M when the gadget gets to be still and unused then it naturally goes into a more profound rest mode. In any case, in Android N, Google has improved it’s Doze mode. Presently Doze will likewise shut down all  background apps and will spare battery each time the screen is turned off.

New Quick Settings Option

In Android 6.0 , the notifications shade permits client to take a look of time and date, different status bar symbols and the symbol for switching users. In Android N, the notification panel has been totally upgraded, Google is currently including another ‘quick settings’ menu to the notices shade which a user can pull down from the top.

Android Nougat and Android Marshmallow : Bundled Notifications

Users will see a totally new look on the Android N warning bar. From the little snappy setting flips at the top, to the way all notifications packaged together.

Android Nougat will permit users to get every one of their alerts from one app grouped together into a solitary, bundled notifications. For example, all messages from a particular informing application will be packaged together in the notice shade. User will be allowed to extend packaged notification by tapping the bundle to grow it and see every individual alert. This is the feature which is not available in Android Marshmallow.

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