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What impacts the output of raymond mill

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Raymond mill is regarded as a common industrial powder equipment, and the main factors of affecting Raymond mill’s yield have been listed here:

1.The hardness of the material. It is obviously that the harder of the material and the harder for milling of Raymond mill and the worse for Raymond mill. Also, if the Raymond mill get slow milling speed, its milling ability will drop down.

2.The humidity of materials. When the raymond mill’s material is too wet for milling, the material is easily adhere to inner of Raymond mill and also easily conveying the course of the next block, resulting in reduced ability of Raymond powder mill.

3.The fineness of the output material. The finer material you want, the little ability of Raymond mill persent.

4.The composition of material. Fine milling material contained before milling is bad for Raymond mill. Because these fine powder have adhesion effects that easily block conveying. So we should process before starting of raymond mill.

5.Material viscosity.

6.Raymond mill main part’s wear resistance. In our common sense, the ability of Raymond mill is up to the wear parts.

Despite the above factors, we also need find ways to prolong the service life of raymond mill.

1. During the application of the Grinder mill, some personnel shall be arranged to take responsibility of management. The operators must be qualified with the required technical knowledge. Before the installation of the Grinder mill, the persons related to the operation should receive technical training and fully understand the operating principle, performance and regulations of the Grinder mill. china cement mills:
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2.In order to guarantee the Grinder mill in a normal working state, a safety operation system for the maintenance of the equipment must be established. Only in this way can the Grinder mill be guaranteed to have a long-term and safe operation. Meanwhile, it is necessary to have the required repairing tools, lubricant and grease, spare parts and accessories.

3.After some period of running, the Grinder mill should receive an examination and repairing. The components vulnerable to worn out, such as Grinder roller, Grinder ring, relieving tool, Should be repaired or replaced. Before and after the operation, a careful examination should be carried out for the connecting screws, bolts and nuts on the Grinder rollers so as to find whether they are loose or sufficiently lubricated.

4. If the Grinder roller are replaced by the new ones because of their application time surpassing about 500 hours, all the rolling bearings in the roller sleeves must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced. The oiling tool can be either a manual oiling pump or grease gun.

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