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What is Aviation and Airline Consulting?

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Since December 17, 1903 Wright brothers have been accepted as the first to have designed the powered and controlled aircraft despite several competing claims. Aviation technology since than has undergone several changes in design, development, production, operation and usage. Aircraft usage has been primarily for transporting people and cargo. The need for aviation consulting is on the rise primarily due to the constantly growing and changing air transportation market. The need to improve the efficiency of services and increase the existing capacity in order to develop better facilities is on the rise. With the increasing demand of air services, airline consulting firms have developed to deliver customized business solutions to aviation industry.

Aviation consulting firms have certified staff to help airline companies with expert advice related to engine maintenance, overhaul support, inspection before purchase etc. Aviation technology and maintaining its safety is an extremely complex task. Airline consulting firms help international airline companies in obtaining necessary government clearances to start operations in foreign shores. They also help in overhauling airline companies’ business models to help gain more profits within existing resources. The safe operation of an aircraft greatly depends on the efficiency of the maintenance staff hired by the airlines and its aircraft repair stations.

Importance of National Transportation Safety Board


In order to investigate civil transportation accidents in the US, National Transportation Safety Board was established in 1967. It was formed primarily to investigate and report on aviation accidents and incidents, some types of highway crashes, ship and marine accident, pipeline incidents and railroad accidents. The NTSB provides consulting to airline companies about maintaining safety norms for protection of their passengers and staff. It has issued over 13000 recommendations for aviation safety to be emphasized by airline consulting companies when they provide advice to airline companies. The Board also carried out courses for employees and professionals in accident investigation and safety measures. The board carries out investigations and presents a report but has no legal authority to impose or recommend any kind of action. Aviation consulting have expert advices on their rolls who are either trained by NTSB or are its previous employees to advice airline companies about norms related to government regulations, likely technical snags and mechanical problems in mid air and precautions to be taken under the circumstances. 


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