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What is Drupal? What are Drupal Elements?

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Welcome to Drupal group of community! This is usually the welcome phrase that you will going to hear when you will going to choose Drupal content management system as an application software for your website. But before having some fun, let me first introduce to you what is Drupal all about and what are its elements comprises of. In getting started with Drupal CMS, you will might be get excited on where to start and on how to start it. Of course you will not going to jump into the body that discusses about the Drupal functions and applications, you will always start at the very beginning which is learning and understanding what is Drupal? Just like what many of the web developer have experienced and realized before they will get to start in Drupal CMS, the beginning of learning and understanding Drupal CMS is an exciting and interesting one.

Drupal is one of the best and leading CMS software application framework that provides powerful and effective application tools, strategies and system management in creating a dynamic and powerful website you needed. It is consist of attributes that are working together to interact and unite in the purpose of developing a powerful application. The Drupal attributes has different roles, responsibilities and functions that everyone of them are considered as important and proper focus of application are needed. Drupal attributes are consist of Drupal nodes, Drupal core, Drupal modules, themes, and other Drupal CMS applications. Drupal nodes refers to website content and functionalities. Such examples of Drupal nodes and possible to create in a Drupal node includes of blogs, articles, discussion forums, topic, and many more. Drupal nodes are flexible of type that it can able to develop varieties of website configurations as well as customized website content. Drupal core refers to Drupal official released modules and themes which are purposely developed for the foundation of Drupal deployment to other system. the Drupal core has extended Drupal website features for modules and templates on which you can enable to customize your website flexible to the other system. Drupal modules offers varieties of Drupal application features that will enable you to customize your website properly. The application, functionalities,website features and system management are usually applied in the Drupal modules. Such features available in Drupal modules includes of administrative function, community, media, pages, security, content management, third party integration, maintenance and a lot more. The last one is the Drupal theme or templates which is the application of design and appearance of your website. This is the development of your website appearance that will suit to your website type and also, usually attracts the user to its attractiveness and well ordered content and features. These are the attributes that Drupal composed of in order to develop a dynamic, powerful and effective Drupal website project.

Learning these Drupal attributes will enable you to understand what is Drupal all about and how good it is to apply in your website development and application. Drupal attributes are the elements that are important in building a Durpal website project. Without these elements, a Drupal website  cannot provide an effective and dynamic applications and functionalities. Thus, learn and explore now the different types of Drupal elements and attributes. 


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As a writer, everyone of us has its own favorite topic. For me, technology is one of my interested topic. Why? It is because through technology I can able to explore all applications, especially when we discuss about software applications. For me, writing articles related to technology is really helpful for everyone because it provides useful information as well as instructions on how to make their work easier using different types of technology.

Currently, I am learning and exploring one of the best software application, that is Drupal CMS. For some reference, you can able to visit one of my interested blog, What is Drupal? Hope you can learn and gain useful informations Drupal CMS.

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