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What is dry mortar production technology

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Dry mortar is the screening process by drying the aggregate (such as quartz sand), inorganic cementitious material (cement) and additives (eg polymers) and in proportion to the physical mixture of a granular or powder to bagged or bulk form of transport to the site, water can be used directly after mixing the materials. Also known as dry mortar material, dry mixing, dry mix powder, some construction adhesive also fall into this category. 
Dry mortar is actually dry polymer powder dry mix or pre-cast mortar, a cement and gypsum as the main substrate, depending on the functional requirements of the building, according to a certain percentage of dry powdered admixture of construction aggregates and additives mixing with bagged or bulk form transported to the site, water can be used directly in the mortar type materials. Common dry mortar products dry tile adhesives, dry wall paint, dry wall mortar, dry concrete. 
Sand processed mainly by the dry mortar made of sand rocks are generally granite, natural river pebbles, andesite, rhyolite, diorite, sandstone, limestone, made of sand by the different types of rock have different intensity . 
Mechanism for sand mining equipment main varieties are: 
jaw crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, crushing machine, sand making equipment, these have different characteristics and different uses, especially in a Sand in the processing of dry mortar series has a significant advantage. 
As the mortar is dry sand, fineness modulus is generally 1.6 to 2.2, after the research study we selected a vertical shaft impact crusher, the device in a variety of other minerals, corundum refractories, glass raw materials, high-hard, extra-hard materials commonly used in the fields of fine sand. 
Vertical shaft impact crusher (VSI sand making machine) work is characterized by simple structure, low operating cost; a stone stone, stone blacksmith energy efficient, high crushing efficiency; with crushing, coarse grinding function; ability of materials through non-broken by the material little impact on water, feed moisture content up to 8%; can be broken in the hard, special hard material (such as corundum, sintered bauxite, etc.), the product was cubic; operation and maintenance, easy installation; dust pollution; operation and maintenance easy installation. 
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