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What is Full Tilt Rakeback?

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Among all other poker websites, FTP, Full Tilt Rakeback is considered to be the best. It was presented in 2004 and ever since then its gaining immense acceptance amongst the poker gamblers across the globe. It is ranked second largest in the Poker gaming world and also the one which offers rakeback. Exactly what makes it thus popular? Obviously, the user-friendly interface and the clean, attractive site draw in a lot of players. Also, its sophisticated features and software up-gradations assists the gamers to re-size the table and also with the timbank feature, the player gets enough time to think before playing any hand. You not only learn and play on FTP, but you can also enjoy chatting to pros such as Gus Hansen, Chris Jesus Ferguson, Mike Matusow, Allen Cunningham and Phil Ivey and numerous more. The listing is lengthier day by day. These top pros play around 1600 hours weekly! You will get a opportunity to earn because it as well offers the wealthiest jackpot prizes in web-based poker world.

However, let me let you know what is meant by rakeback and how to get it, if you aren’t aware about what it is. When playing online poker, you understand that there are a few chips that are located near the pot at the top of the display screen, this is identified as rake. Full Tilt poker sites make money through this rake. A small percent of all hands that you play is taken by this site and this is called rake. And the best part is that you can get back this rake, in form of refund, and this is called as rakeback. However you can’t acquire rakeback until you register with FTP and this is to be done via the web site that provides rakeback. And even if you recommend players to their web site the rakeback provider works out a fixed sum of fee with you. This percent is deducted from the player’s rake referred by you. So, the rakeback provider provides you bonus to register by their web site by keeping a small part of the rake obtained and giving you most of it. However, FTP allows 27% of the rakeback amount to you by the rakeback provider site. However here you still acquire than lose anything, because you will get $600 sign-up bonus when you receive rakeback.

All your wait if over, now you can get the enjoy playing FTP and earn the riches you wanted to. All you have to do is, login to a trusted web-based poker room and take the benefit of Full Tilt Rakeback. You not only enjoy gambling here but you also have a chance to get rakeback from a rakeback provider. So, isn’t it like having fun as well as earning at the same time?

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