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What Is Google Panda And How Will It Affect SEO

Today, Google is a synonym for online search engines. If you plan to search for something or maybe want to shop online, the first place you would reach is Google. Also, you get a lot of websites dedicated to the same stuff so you would always want your website to show first when someone searches for it on Google.

Now going to our topic, the first question that comes to your mind is what is Google Panda? If you have a website design of your own and if it is a business website then it is very important that you know what Panda is and how to make optimum use of it for online marketing.

Panda has in a way changed how traffic gets directed to your website and has redefined the process Web Design and search engine optimization (SEO). In order to confirm how useful and good a particular website and its web design is, Google uses certain algorithms. It then ranks these websites. Earlier, Google used the idea of back linking the websites. In this, other websites were linked to yours, which is a sort of affiliated marketing. But with the arrival of Panda, this process has changed.

Panda does not place importance on back linking anymore. It rather looks for characteristic features of a website. So, in order to ensure that your website comes in the top of Google search result, there are various things you need to keep in mind when you design it.

The first thing that you need to ensure during web design is the quality content of your website. Panda lays more emphasis on the quality of your website’s content. It is very important that Panda is able to trust it. If you are selling computers but do not include the system’s configuration, it is less likely to show your website in search results.

Panda also checks how long people prefer to stay on your website. So, for online marketing of your small business, you will need a Website Design that has pages which is rich in content and has all the keywords. Panda uses the logic that if someone is spending more time on a webpage then the webpage is likely to have quality content. Uniqueness of your website design is another thing that is highly rated by Panda. The content of your website must be very different so that you can achieve the best of SEO. You would also need to avoid lot of flashy ads on your website because Panda would not rate it well. More ads would men less space for the content on the website which is a drawback for Pands.

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I am Christin Hussy from London. I have lots of information about Web Design. for more information please contact me. Article's Source:
Bio: I am Christin Hussy from London. I have lots of information about Web Design. for more information please contact me.

  • Posted On May 31, 2012
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