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What Is The Role Of A Ghostwriter

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A ghostwriter or a freelance writer is an individual hired to produce written work, but does not receive credit for the work. The author publishing the work will be given credit for the work a freelance writer is hired to complete. These projects are work for hire positions with an agreement to release all copy write privileges to the publisher. Ghostwriters are normally experienced in several areas of writing and able to adapt the to the style preferred by the author.
As strange as this may sound it is actually a very popular way to obtain much needed content. For example, if someone has a website that requires a new copy, a freelance writer will write the ads, the sales letters and articles required for the website. When someone has a need for written works but they themselves are unable to produce the work, they hire freelance writers to produce professional and quality written material.
As well as articles and website content, freelancers are also hired to write books or e-books. For a book the author will hire a freelancer to write the entire content and the author will get the credit, on occasion the author will provide credit to the ghostwriter. When this is the case the author will acknowledge the ghostwriter either in the acknowledgement section or as an editor. Often times when the book has as told to in the title it was written by a ghostwriter.
A ghostwriter will often be compensated a large sum of money, but this is generally in the case of a book. Fees can range from ten dollars to 25,000 depending the research, writing and size of the project. The writer is hired not as a way to have their name in a book but more for their writing skills. In some cases the ghostwriter will write the book for an upfront payment as well as profits for the amount of sales. The average percentage is approximately 15 percent for the paid with profit projects. Keep in mind though that a majority of ghostwriters will not agree to this type of plan unless the book is almost guaranteed to sell.
Also an option for payment to a ghostwriter is when they will agree to a lower fee for receiving partial credit with the author. This also will only be the case when the ghostwriter is sure the book will sell for profit. There are many ways to agree upon payment so it is basically up to the writer and the author to what the terms will be. Ghostwriter or freelance writing can be profitable for both the writer and the author. If interested in pursuing a career in freelance writing it is crucial to have experience with a variety of writing styles and content. There is always a need for writers and they are in demand, so if you have a need for a writer keep in mind that if a fee is not what they are accustomed to earning it will be difficult to hire an experienced writer.

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