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What kind of 5 star hotel amenities can a consumer expect or demand in a 5 star London hotel?

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The first word that comes to mind when seeking a 5 star London hotel is luxury.  A London 5 star hotel should definitely have the ambience that gives guests the feeling of a regal quality, not unlike the palace of a prince or princess. After all, London is the birthplace of Queens and Kings. The surroundings should include stylish furnishings and a magnificent lobby reminiscent of a palace ballroom.  In London, the 5 star hotel encounter should boast of candle lit frosty white linen covered tables and enchanting fireplaces. The very finest hotels will offer alluring glass atriums which guests can enjoy from their private rooms.  These hotels are known for their attention to every facet of a guest’s wishes.

Enchanting is the key word here—the 5 star hotel in London should transport a guest to a sweeter time of luxury including suites offering extraordinary paintings on soft pastel walls and posh bathrooms with sunken marble tubs.

What types of rooms can one expect to be offered in a 5 star London hotel?

Expect and enjoy meticulously designed suites with all the amenities a modern traveller desires, but set within a slice of decadence.  From presidential suites to family suites, a London 5 star hotel offers its visitors elegant and often romantic rooms.

Amenities of a 5 star London hotel include such items as on-site bars and gourmet restaurants, elegant spas and health clubs. There are suites with plenty of space to conduct business with glamorous sitting areas, and well-equipped conference rooms.

Where can one find a <a href=>5 star London hotel with easy access to Central London activities?

There are 5 star hotels in London which are within easy access to Regents Park, Oxford and Bond Streets for shopping.  They often offer afternoon tea in refreshing surroundings, like a garden setting.  Also, most, if not all 5 star hotels offer the ever-famous English breakfast.

Will a 5 star London hotel be able to accommodate large groups of people for special occasions?

A well-equipped 5 star hotel London will certainly have special accommodations for weddings or even for large conferences and business meetings.  The 5 star hotels in London should have the ability to host garden weddings with plenty of room to seat guests and often thematic rooms to host special parties.

How can a guest find which London hotel offers the best rates, as well as the unsurpassed setting?

The Internet is an excellent place to begin one’s search for an exquisite hotel in London.  Each 5 star hotel should list photos of all the rooms, including specialty rooms giving potential guests a preview of what is offered.  A guest should be able to review the amenities and make a knowledgeable selection of which 5 star hotel in London will be best suited to their needs.  The detailed photos should give a potential guest a very good idea of what to expect on arrival.


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